Phantom By Harley Wylde

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Phantom (Devil’s Boneyard MC 10): A Dixie Reapers Bad Boys Romance By Harley Wylde


Book/Novel Author: Harley Wylde

Book/Novel Title: Phantom



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Charisma — My mother died when I was a teen. My dad had never been in the picture, and I ended up in the system. When the high school quarterback took advantage, no one believed me. Then I landed in true hell… my foster mom was a monster who preyed on the children in her home. When I aged out of the system, I stayed in the hopes I could save the boys who were assigned to live with her. She let me, as long as I paid in blood. The never-ending cycle of abuse sickened me and wore me down. I felt powerless. Until he showed up. Phantom…Phantom — My mission was simple. Find the woman preying on young boys and end her. I didn’t count on the bewitching young woman, little girl, and two boys living with the monster. Now they’re mine. My family. When their demons come searching for them, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Even call in reinforcements from other clubs. Someone should have warned me I needed to protect myself as well. I never counted on Charisma’s dad showing up, nor could I have ever guessed who he was. Things just got complicated.WARNING: Phantom contains darker subjects that may trigger some readers as well as bad language, violence, and adult situations. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed Happily-Ever-After.
While this story touches some dark subjects, it gives hope for recovery and love. Phantom and Charisma are two of my top ten favorite characters, and I read a lot of books.
Love all these stories so much. Phantoms story was exciting,funny and sometimes sad. Always a HEA though. Keep them coming and I will keep buying them thanks so much.
I don’t usually write reviews but this book felt unfinished. It gives a feeling like she might have been pregnant even though it says she can’t have more kids. Which goes back to the fact she doesn’t know what truly happened to her son. She never saw his body or a gave and knew for a fact evil Bi***h wanted him. Leaves thinking she took him yet nothing is resolved to that end. We never hear what happened to the guy who raped her in HS. I’ve been reading Harleys books for a long time and always love them. I love this one but it just felt like it was cut in half. Hope it’s not a sign for future books.
I’ve read many other of this authors books and loved them, but this one was my least favorite. It was actually kind of ridiculous. Within 10 minutes of meeting them, Phantom, who always wanted a big family, suddenly had a wife and three kids. The “wife”, who was scared of all men, is in love with him and sleeps with him the first night they meet. By the next day, they’re officially married, because of his amazing computer guy, the kids are officially his and they’re already enrolled in school, all while they’re still on the road on the way home. The house is set up by all the other old ladies before they get home. The whole things just seemed really rushed and ridiculous. Not to mention, two young teen boys, who were molested for who knows how long, and they’re totally fine, no mention of counseling or anything. One of them even enters into a mmf relationship five minutes after being there. And then because three instant kids weren’t enough, they brought in a fourth child, because why the hell not? And the other thing that was aggravating was that they mentioned that the guy who raped Charisma back in high school lived near their town and the were going to “take care of him”. He was never mentioned again. I also was expecting her son didn’t really die at birth, that the evil foster mother sent him away, since she has some sort of obsession with boys. I was expecting the guys family to have paid her off to get the boy to give to his family to raise. But instead, some random nobody ended up being the “bad guy”. What a waste. I just feel like this book fell short on all counts.
What a great addition to the current series. This book is very well written and has a lot of love between the characters as well as angst.
Phantom and Charisma were amazing together as expected!!! I love how phantom was immediately protective of not only Charisma, but her foster brothers as well!! I was so excited for Phantom to finally get the family he always wanted and deserved! I also loved Charisma’s protective and loving streak! I always enjoy catching up with the other families in each new story as well!! Perfect couple!!!


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