Ponorama By Katie Cherry

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Ponorama By Katie Cherry


Book/Novel Author: Katie Cherry

Book/Novel Title: Ponorama

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**What would you do if you were lost in a merciless desert with the lives of your loved ones in your hands?**
*The death of someone close to me drove me from my home, but there’s another reason for my flight to the dry realm, Ponorama…*
With Nathan, Nora, Savitri, Angela, and Chet by my side, we’re set to scour Ponorama in search of my lost brother, Rex. We still hold out hope that he’ll be able to help change the tide in the war against the Dragon Hunters and the Higher Power, but it’s more than that. For my parents, the King and Queen of Zilferia, it’s a way to keep me safe. For me, it’s a way to keep busy and feel productive in the war effort.
Encountering an old friend there, he reveals a creature who could hold all the answers. A Sphynx. The journey to get to her will be difficult, thanks to everything in the desert trying to kill us- scorpions, rock dragons, giant snakes, gryphons, Thunderbirds, and more. But I’m willing to fight against it all to get to the Sphynx and demand answers for how to win the war and find my brother.
But I may not like what she has to say.
***Ponorama ** *** * * ** is a new Coming of Age Urban Fantasy Novel. The fourth book in the** ***Crystal Dragon Series ** ** *,** ** *Ponorama ** ** *is jam-packed with your favorite magical creatures, and many new ones. Set in modern times,** ***Ponorama ** ** *will have you devouring pages, anxiously fighting alongside our heroes, Crystal and Nathan. Grab your copy today!**** * *****

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