Poole’s Gold By C.J. Petit

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Poole’s Gold By C.J. Petit


Book/Novel Author: C.J. Petit

Book/Novel Title: Poole’s Gold



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When the postal inspector in Carson City discovered a counterfeit one-dollar bill, he notified the Secret Service. That was why they’d been created just a decade earlier.Secret Service Agent Sean Brady was assigned to the case and prepared to make the day-long train ride from Ogden to start his investigation. Before he left, he was presented with a minor mystery by the Union Pacific freight manager that had nothing to do with counterfeiting. As a courtesy to his friend, he said he’d look into the strange shipment of zinc which had been sent to nearby Virginia City.He also decided to visit a boyhood friend whose family now lived south of Carson City after he’d corralled the counterfeiters. Even with the two detours, he still expected to return to Ogden in a little more than a week.He had no idea how much his life would be changed before he even found the men who’d printed the counterfeit currency.
As always a good read. Keep it going. I am always looking for the next bookA loyal fan of OJ PetitTeddy
But blast it books as good as this one are really hard to find so I have to write enough to get Mr Petit his stars
I have really enjoyed reading C.J. Petits series about Joe Beck; but when he took a detour to Nevada for Pope’s Gold, I went along for the ride as well. I am very glad that I did this. It is an excellent story with many interesting people & ideas. It’s a rollicking good story with many interesting people that will love or hate as you should!
This book should have ended at 500 pages. we all knew the ending so it became a lot of hot air. I’ve read all of your books, you’ve become a better story teller but for some stupid reason you believe a story has to do have words and Mooooore words. At 500 pages I just wanted this book to END. The story no longer mattered! The story is what matters and the least amount words it takes to fully tell the story the better. I really love the Joe Beck stories so DON’T screw them up with words.
Although you are right Mr. Petit….way too long! I liked the character and story which was pretty scary, but if he told one more person!!!
This ain’t it, baby! LOLGood, detailed story. Never a bore, bout the time you think it may be, Nope!


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4.9/5309 ratings