Primal Imperative By Quentin Kilgore

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Primal Imperative: Provide, Defend, Breed: A Monster Girl Men’s Fantasy By Quentin Kilgore


Book/Novel Author: Quentin Kilgore

Book/Novel Title: Primal Imperative



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Protect the women. Take the throne. Sire the next generation.Two weeks ago, I was writing press releases in a cubicle. Now I’m hunting giant crustaceans to feed a tribe of beautiful women.I awoke on a strange shore, far from Earth, with a new power raging in my muscles. In this primitive world, helpless women look to me for protection against goblin slavers and wild beasts.The women believe I was sent by a sky god to protect them, impregnate them, and repopulate their dying village. But not everyone is happy about my arrival. A shadowy assassin stalks the night, eager to spill my blood, and the goblin hordes plot our destruction.To solidify my leadership and keep my women safe, I’ll need to access the elemental powers of earth and sky. That means I’ll have to bind the souls of a few eager volunteers.If you like cat girls, goblin girls, tribal babes, and milking farms, you’re in the right place. This story contains unconventional relationships (18+).
Hello, I Liked the hero of the hero and the ways he deals with struggles. You knew who the villian was from the start. Also liked how the hero saved the villain while the villain continiously tried to destroy t the hero’s reputation. It was a good read. I await the second part of this story. Thank you.
This felt like a lame and failed attempted to imitate BAD manga. Plots ridiculous, MC is lame, zero depth, I don’t get why anyone would like this.
Story was well written. Great character development, refreshing storyline, amazing characters can’t wait to read the next installment overall good book
I really enjoyed reading this book. The story and characters were interesting and engaging. I look forward to seeing what happens next. This one is definitely worth reading.
Well now nothing new here but quite enjoyable. A village… a world even full of women who need a man. Problems abound And nothing is quite that simple. David Is Slow to learn what abilities he has gotten since he arrived here. There’s no manual. He’s slowly gains power as he gets faithful followers to bond with him. In the meantime he has a lot to protect. Good fun book. I look forward to the next one.
The MC is a bit reluctant and an airhead when it comes to his magic. All in all I liked the story and hope that it continues.


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4.9/5309 ratings