Princes of Therea By Jennifer Jones

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Princes of Therea: Book 2 Prince of Diamonds By Jennifer Jones


Book/Novel Author: Jennifer Jones

Book/Novel Title: Princes of Therea

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While celebrating his brother’s bonding and crowning ceremony, Shanden wakes the next morning feeling out of sorts. His back is burning up and he starts feeling a little strange. Thinking it’s his city home calling to him, he leaves the palace and returns to his post. When he arrives, there’s something strange happening in Tandora. The flowers they cultivate are all ten feet tall and there is a strange purple haze hovering in the air. Is this remnants of the evil overlord’s magic? With all of this happening, his mother decides it is time for her to find him a bond mate to unite the two kindgoms. Instead he finds his mate right under his nose. After realizing she is his bond mate and the start their wedding plans, poof! She vanishes suspiciously without a trace. **

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