Professor Dragon’s Virgin By Brittany White

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Professor Dragon’s Virgin (Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers Book 5) By Brittany White


Book/Novel Author: Brittany White

Book/Novel Title: Professor Dragon’s Virgin



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To protect her, a dragon-shifter professor must guard a virgin witch and shield her from their shared past.The Virgin WitchI am the daughter of a monster,A cruel witch who wanted me to follow in her footsteps.Fifteen years ago, my mother killed an entire clan of dragon shifters.As soon as I was able, I fled to escape her wrath,But another group of monsters imprisoned me.I was held captive for four long years.Now I’ve escaped, and I’m going to live as a human.At the university, my history professor is a gorgeous man,But he is not a human—my sexy professor is a dragon shifter.My mother killed his family.Now he’s chasing me. The handsome shifter says he can’t let me go. I’m locked in his home. He watches my every move.I am his enemy.There’s only one problem—I’m falling in love with him.The Irish Professor Instead of fighting, I wanted to learn.I left my clan to attend universityAnd broke my parents’ hearts.In my absence, a group of sadistic witches murdered every member of my clan. One of them even brainwashed me. Now I’m back home in Ireland, and I teach history at the university. Alone in the world, I live as a human, but witches are still my enemy.On the first day of class, there’s a beautiful young woman in the front row. Alarms go off in my head. She should not be there.This pretty young woman is a witch.I cannot allow her to live.I chase her down and lock her in my home.Despite her potent bloodline, this petite student is generous and enchanting. Without permission, this witch has stolen my heart.Can a dragon shifter learn to trust the witch whose mother killed his family?Note: Adults Only!


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