Promises By Sarah Bailey

Promises (Benson Siblings #2) by Sarah Bailey

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Book/Novel Author: Sarah Bailey

Book/Novel Title: Promises

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She was beautifully broken. I was her balm. They say unrequited love hurts the most. Well it sucks to be me then. My heart has belonged to my best friend for longer than I care to remember. At least until her. The sweetest girl with a haunted past. And darkness which seeps out of her pores, surrounding her with a haze of desolation. It started with a need to unburden ourselves. Now I can’t think of anything else. Her touch. Her smile. Her blue eyes. It feels like the past is repeating itself. With a girl I can never have. Ellie Kirkwood extracted a promise from me. And now I want all of her in return. You’ve met his older brother, now you’ll get to know the youngest Benson sibling, James. His story isn’t one you’ll be expecting. Author note: This is not as dark in content as Provoked. James’ story is full of unrequited love, heartbreak and a lot of angst. I highly recommend you read both the Corrupt Empire series and Provoked before starting this book because James features quite heavily in Avery and Aiden’s trilogy, but Promises can also be read as a standalone. If you like dark romance that’s a little different with a heavy serving of angst, then dive into Promises, the second book in the Benson Siblings series.

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