Protector Daddy By Laylah Roberts

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Protector Daddy (MC Daddies Book 3) By Laylah Roberts


Book/Novel Author: Laylah Roberts

Book/Novel Title: Protector Daddy

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She came for the truth but ended up with so much more…Millie had always been the responsible. Studious. Serious. She’d never even left the small town she grew up in.Until her mission takes her to the city. She didn’t factor in exactly how ill-equipped she was to conduct a murder investigation. Soon, she has half the city’s underworld gunning for her. And the only person standing between her and a bunch of criminals?Spike. A terrifying, gruff, sexy biker. Perhaps she should have just stayed at home.She’s a menace. She’s a klutz. She’s adorable. She’s a Little in need of a watchful, protective Daddy.And she’s going to be his.Please note: while you could like read this book as a standalone you would probably get more enjoyment if you read the rest of the books in the series first. Contains bikers who like to swear, sexy times, spankings and age play. If any of that offends this isn’t the book for you!

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