Quagon By Katie Cherry

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Quagon By Katie Cherry


Book/Novel Author: Katie Cherry

Book/Novel Title: Quagon

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A new prophecy. Terrifying creatures. A royal family who wants them dead.
Hoping for a less dangerous venture than their last, Crystal and Nathan enter the watery realm of Quagon in search of her brother, Rex. Along the way, they meet friends new and old, and Nathan discovers something shocking about himself. But the threat in Quagon is greater than anything they faced before.
A deadly monster lurks beneath the waves, yet an even greater threat looms on the surface. The King will stop at nothing to keep foreigners out of his realm.
Crystal and Nathan struggle to avoid detection at every turn, knowing there’s nowhere to run and all of Zilferia is counting on them. Will they find him before they’re pegged as fish out of water? **

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