Quantum of Nightmares By Charles Stross

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Quantum of Nightmares (Laundry Files Book 11) By Charles Stross


Book/Novel Author: Charles Stross

Book/Novel Title: Quantum of Nightmares



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A unique blend of espionage thrills and Lovecraftian horror, Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross’s Laundry Files continues with Quantum of Nightmares.It’s a brave new Britain under the New Management. The avuncular Prime Minister is an ancient eldritch god of unimaginable power. Crime is plummeting as almost every offense is punishable by death. And everywhere you look, there are people with strange powers, some of which they can control, and some, not so much.Hyperorganized and formidable, Eve Starkey defeated her boss, the louche magical adept and billionaire Rupert de Montfort Bigge, in a supernatural duel to the death. Now she’s in charge of the Bigge Corporation—just in time to discover the lethal trap Rupert set for her long ago.Wendy Deere’s transhuman abilities have gotten her through many a scrape. Now she’s gainfully employed investigating unauthorized supernatural shenanigans. She swore to herself she wouldn’t again get entangled with Eve Starkey’s bohemian brother Imp and his crew of transhuman misfits. Yeah, right.Mary Macandless has powers of her own. Right now she’s pretending to be a nanny in order to kidnap the children of a pair of famous, Government-authorized superheroes. These children have powers of their own, and Mary Macandless is in way over her head.Amanda Sullivan is the HR manager of a minor grocery chain, much oppressed by her glossy blonde boss—who is cooking up an appalling, extralegal scheme literally involving human flesh.All of these stories will come together, with world-bending results…”For all of Stross’s genuine ability to spook and dismay, The Laundry Files are some of the most tremendously humane books I’ve ever read.” —Tamsyn Muir, author of Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the NinthAt the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Sequels don’t always live up to their predecessor. This one did, and may well have surpassed it! Solvent Green on steroids.
Fun to read, but I would never want to watch a faithful movie version of the splatterfest. Both hilarious and gross.
Coming on the heels of his previous book, it takes The Laundry Files in new whirlwind direction. From the first page to the last, hang on, you are in for an exciting ride/read!!!
The new management has certainly changed Britain! An occult thriller set in THAT world has …um…. Challenges! But I’m loving it and it’s the ultimate urban fantasy page turner.. now, where’s book 3?
Fast paced and funny. Macabre too of course, but if you read this far that won’t be a surprise. Nanny Mary’s adventures with the terrorists kept me laughing through the grimmer bits.
Another great entry in The Laundry Files series! I just wished it was longer. Looking forward to the next book!


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