QueenPin By Eden Rose

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QueenPin: A Syndicate Novel (Syndicate Series Book 1) By Eden Rose


Book/Novel Author: Eden Rose

Book/Novel Title: QueenPin

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They say it’s a man’s world but it doesn’t mean anything without a woman.My job is one that a man usually has. I’m the fearless bitch behind the 313 Gang in Detroit. We’re the toughest of the tough and because of it I have the biggest target on my back. Not only do I run the streets, pedaling product from Chicago to Canada but I also own the most profitable BDSM club in the midwest.I’ve been doing it all by myself for years with my trusted lieutenant but now there’s a problem – my new submissive, Mason.Even though he’s the light at the end of my dark tunnel, he threatens everything I hold dear. Now I’m faced with the most difficult decision of my life and I don’t know which one I’ll choose – my heart or my gang.

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