Queen’s Hope By E. K. Johnston

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Queen’s Hope By E. K. Johnston


Book/Novel Author: E. K. Johnston

Book/Novel Title: Queen’s Hope



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A peace-loving senator faces a time of war in another thrilling Padmé Amidala adventure from the author of the New York Times best-sellers Queen’s Peril and Queen’s Shadow! Padmé is adjusting to being a wartime senator during the Clone Wars. Her secret husband, Anakin Skwyalker, is off fighting the war, and excels at being a wartime Jedi. In contrast, when Padmé gets the opportunity to see the casualties on the war-torn front lines, she is horrified. The stakes have never been higher for the galaxy, or for the newly-married couple. Meanwhile, with Padmé on a secret mission, her handmaiden Sabé steps into the role of Senator Amidala, something no handmaiden has done for an extended period of time. While in the Senate, Sabé is equally horrified by the machinations that happen there. She comes face to face with a gut-wrenching decision as she realizes that she cannot fight a war this way, not even for Padmé. And Chancellor Palpatine hovers over it all, manipulating the players to his own ends…

So I was ready to delve into the third installment with excitement! However, not even halfway through we get flooded with woke nonsense and LGBTQ+, I have nothing against representation. However when you force it and make it the center focus, it takes away from Star Wars. As if to offend that community, they make these characters flawless, as if they are too perfect to make a mistake. Idk, I’ve read other Star Wars books with representation and it didn’t feel forced, this however makes you open wide and shoves it down your throat.
Wonderfully written, EKJ takes us on another journey with Padmé. Set right after The Attack of the Clones, we’re ten years after we met Padmé, the Queen and her handmaidens. Now that she’s a senator, while she’s the same person but with a new role and a secret husband, her world has changed and so have her handmaidens. What we knew as the closest team, has now separated but they are still moving forward with Amidala’s wishes. What may be confused as Padmé’s wishes, collectively they created Amidala’s beliefs and plan to continue to pursue their ideals.
Probably the weakest of the trilogy but, I still enjoyed it immensely. I just love Palme, her handmaidens, and the political intrigue going on during this time period. I liked that the handmaidens were growing up and were moving on from being glued to Padme’s side. There isn’t much of a main plot. It’s a meandering story that includes a few short 1-2 page interludes for female characters like Shmi Skywalker and Beru Whitesun. I will echo some of the complaints about the fixation on gender expression. I read a lot of books and no other fiction I’ve encountered, including YA, spends as much time inserting hyper-modern gender ideology into its stories as Star Wars. It doesn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the stories but, can be unnecessarily confusing. At first I thought the “female” clone in this novel was like Omega from The Bad Batch but, it appears this is a trans-woman clone. When the “their” pronoun was used in a previous novel, Midnight Horizon, at first I thought it was referring to some sort of double-headed alien creature! Took a few readings to realize it was a representation thing. He he!
I read all 3 books. Boring story, save your time and look it up on Wookipedia or a YouTube summary. And with every new character I wondered how long it would take her to reveal they were gay/lesbian. With a couple of characters it took until the 3rd book but there it was lol. Just obviously going out of her way to push an agenda. I was fine with it going in but good grief. She made sure to throw in a transsexual too, and drive home the point that the planet didn’t care what he/she identified as. it’s the going out of the way to make the point that they are lesbian that got me lol.
好久不看星战的书了,这回破例,第一时间就买了。还是打心眼儿里喜欢这个女王,爵爷的老婆,Ahsoka的师娘。但是有些失望了。有些情节笑死了,供应链紧张,Naboo第一的政策。作者有些过于含沙射影,指桑骂槐了。本来以为故事情节会有更多的纵横捭阖,Padme能像苏秦张仪一样,通过外交手段做一些军事上办不到的事情。但我真是太高估美国人民的能力,大白左写不出来精彩的外交博弈。可惜无法让他们听懂中文,否则就建议作者多去听听中天或者其他的国际关系新闻了。用老杨的话说,我真是把他们想的太好了。I was hoping for more meat in terms of diplomatic forays for this story. Although the author drew inspiration from real world politics, she’s ill-equipped in knowledge of international relations and she could’ve handled the plot points better. I can’t express my disappointment fully in English so I preceded this review with a paragraph in Chinese. To sum it up, I was hoping for something closer to “Intrigue of the Warring States” , a centuries old tome on the making and breaking of alliances. The book depicted diplomatic warfare in the same time period as Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. But instead, the only indicators that I got for such actions was Sabe telling Padme towards the end of the novel how uncomfortable she was about it. There was very little substance in the whole thing. I think the author really needs to do more research on international politics before writing about Padme again. She’s not just another pretty face with a blaster, and she deserves a better story than this one.


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