Railed by the Easter Bunny By Dalia Davies

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Railed by the Easter Bunny (Valley of the Old Gods Book 1) By Dalia Davies


Book/Novel Author: Dalia Davies

Book/Novel Title: Railed by the Easter Bunny



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The man who holds the Power, rules the Valley. But I won’t let him rule me.To get out from under his thumb, I’ll make a bargain with the old gods. I’d sell my soul to be free of him. But the goddess of spring offers me a deal that feels too much like a reward to be safe. And when I’m delivered into the hands of her son, I start to wonder if I want to be free at all.Never make deals with the devil, or the old gods.Please check tags and TW/CWs
Well written, too short, but a fun and sexy romp! If you need a quickie, this is an excellent choice!
I found this book through a tiktok video. And I may have bought and finished the book before returning to tiktok.I love the story so far. I’m very interested to see how everything goes after the ending. I’ll be keeping tabs on a sequel for sure.
So who knew having sex with the Easter bunny would do it for me . I’m here for it and I see it’s just book one . I need more please . Only wish the book was longer .
Good, very good 😉 And well written. Worth the read especially if monsters are your type of thing. I loved it.
I’d been hearing nothing but good things about this book for a few weeks so I decided to give it a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised that so much could be packed into such a short book. It’s a unique take on the Easter Bunny Tale. It was sexy and engaging enough that I would love to know what happens next? 4 Sexy Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A creative spin on mythology and gods, at the very least. It’s a quick read if you’re just looking for smut


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4.9/5309 ratings