Ransom By Loki Renard

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Ransom: A Dark Alien Romance By Loki Renard


Book/Novel Author: Loki Renard

Book/Novel Title: Ransom



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I am Blackmane, feared warlord of the Pleiades.I have captured a human princess.Pretty. Sweet. Innocent.Ripe for the plucking.I will have my way with her, and her father will pay handsomely for her return.Won’t he?As the days go by and my ransom demands go unmet,As my guards go missing and are found in pieces,As my spacefaring stronghold falls into terror and chaos, I realize I have made a huge mistake.This sweet royal angel is an absolute monster.There’s only one thing to be done with little monsters.They need to be broken. They need to be tamed.And they need to be claimed. Forever.
I liked that it was not your unusual romance story. I enjoyed the female character so much. I loved her strength and her fierceness.
Very enjoyable romantic/sci-fi/horror tale. I like many different genres, and this one could so easily fit into more than one. It was funny,brutal,and sweet at the same time.
I did not know how much I needed this book. I had started reading a series by a different author and found it horrid. I could not finish it and was generally in a crappy, bored mood. I wanted something fun and different. This book happened to be it. There were so many points where I found myself laughing. This book is shorter than most and I was unable to put it down, so it only took a few hours to read. This was definitely worth the read. I thoroughly loved the princess character. The male lead fit the princess. Everything in the story fit together and the author did an excellent job on this book. I actually look forward to more books from this author.
Romance? Check.Spanking? Check.Humor? Checks everywhere.Insanely hilarious. Great read. Without a doubt one I’ll be rereading. Author followed for more great stories.
I hope this becomes a series. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, their dynamic and darkly hilarious interactions. Hot and hilarious!
The characters are perfect for each other & definitely fated. Its sexy in an un- vanilla sense. The murder & mayhem is actually the most fun. Enjoy this book.


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4.9/5309 ratings