Ravaged Throne By Nicole Fox

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Ravaged Throne (Solovev Bratva Book 2) By Nicole Fox


Book/Novel Author: Nicole Fox

Book/Novel Title: Ravaged Throne



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My husband doesn’t know about our son.But that won’t be enough to keep him safe. Because our little baby boy is the heir to two thrones.And there are a lot of bad men out there who want to stop him from reaching them.So I ran into the mountains.Into a nightmare of my own making.I thought I’d gotten away…But I was wrong.Even there, in the freezing cold middle of nowhere, Leo found me.And when he did, I lied to keep my baby safe.But I should’ve learned a long time ago:Leo Solovev knows everything.Except for how this story will end.RAVAGED THRONE is Book Two of the Solovev Bratva Duet. Make sure you’ve read the beginning of Leo and Willow’s story in Book One, RAVAGED CROWN, before beginning this one!
I have to agree with another reviewer, “this book is crap.” Thankfully I didn’t waste any money on this POS since it was free. Even though it is free, don’t waste your time reading this book.
I usually like her books but these two were pretty bad. The second is worse than the first, same thing in each book. Girl gets mad, runs to different room, man is mean with no depth or reasoning behind him. Rinse and repeat for 2 books.
Couldn’t put it down . Kept my attention. Can’t wait for the extended version. Bring it on. Loved it alot
I loved this story! It was surprising and the ending was perfect! Just the right amount of surprise! She did a really good job of giving Leo a more loving side than previously shown.
I felt the first book was better. This book was dark and suspenseful. The characters were great in both books!
Willow body may have been stronger, but her mind still wasn’t strong as it should’ve been. When all the pieces start coming together and Leo start telling his story about every step he had put in place, he was extremely a smart man. But everyone also needs help to make sure the plan succeeds. For me, there was too much redundancy in these books.


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