Reaching Answers By Erin R Flynn

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Reaching Answers (Artemis University Book 8) By Erin R Flynn


Book/Novel Author: Erin R Flynn

Book/Novel Title: Reaching Answers



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My name is Tamsin Vale… And I’m no longer the last fairy. I found someone else finally and brought them out of the darkness.A huge part of me wishes I hadn’t. The answers he had weren’t ones I wanted. I can’t trust him, and I don’t think he’s going to be any real help with the serious trouble we’re in.Plus, he’s poking the men in my life and they aren’t handling it well. Everything is shaky right now. I’m on the outs with Mel and everyone has an opinion on that. We win one battle and more evil pops up. I make up with one man in my heart and another hurts me.All I want to do is run, but I made promises that I plan to keep. I might be doing that alone instead of with help like I’d thought. Maybe people will come around. Maybe things will get better and I can find a way not to give up.It’s probably more likely I’m going to learn about supe prison from firsthand experience. Artemis University is an ongoing hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.





4.9/5309 ratings