Rebel Tempts the Beast By MINK

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Rebel Tempts the Beast By MINK


Book/Novel Author: MINK

Book/Novel Title: Rebel Tempts the Beast



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As one of the biggest players in the Yakuza, I do my duty and rule my syndicate with a hard but fair fist. I follow my own rules and adhere to my own sense of duty.Until Mei.When my mentor sends his daughter to live with me and instructs me to put her on the correct path, I try to use a strong hand to guide her. But that hand tends to gravitate to her rear end, especially when Mei runs her smart mouth. She’s young, fiery, and looking for love.Though I follow strict rules and enforce them in my life, Mei bucks them with ease. She’s a little rebel, one I never want to break. In fact, I fall for her just the way she is. She’s the one I never saw coming, and the one I can’t live without.When an enemy sees an opening and tries to use her against me, I’ll burn his lineage to the ground and salt the earth behind me. For Mei. For our future. For our family.MINK’s Note: Grab a fuzzy friend and a cuppa caffeine for this story of her beast, his rebel, and their happy ending.
What can I say other than I love this book!! Kazuo and Mei love story is fun and steamy. Mink always has everything you want in a story… Love. Lust. Bloodshed. Jealousy. Kitty. Firework. Steamy and smexy bedroom romping… .. And lastly .. Comedy. Going for the next one..
I love that we get a new family with this story. We also get that typical mink possessive alpha with a super sassy heroine who knows her mind and keeps him on her toes. I loved the banter between these two and I adore the way he was basically a total teddy bear for her right away. The instalove is another Mink standard and I loved the way it was handled here.My only complaint was the boat thing. I wasn’t really a fan of our heroine putting herself in that much danger without any real description if that makes sense. They can have a scary moment without it being that huge. But it’s just a personal preference for me.It’s a short steamy before bed read destined to get you in the feels and possibly in the mood. I give it four stars, just under four chili peppers, and a definite recommend for a quick before bed read or palette cleanser. Enjoy!
This was so good, the setting, the plot, the development of the story – all put together in an excellent book. There is danger, blood, fights, but you have romance and spatks, and unexpected tenderness. And above all – all the right values of a relationship and family. I hope there will be another book around this “realm”.
Yet another book where a super duper bad to the bone hero who is supposed to be reserved and untouchable is head over heels for a school girl within THE FIRST TEN PAGES!!! NO build up, just insta-love. Soooooo lame.The writing is competent, if clunky, but the character development and POV is teeth grindingly adolescent (I’d guess this is a 5th grade reading level, max). If you like simple, unsubtle tripe, you’ll be thrilled to pieces.
Mei is the only one that can bring Kazuo to his knees.Kazuo is the only that can even remotely keep Mei’s rebellious ways under control.
I usually like Mink’s books and this is not my first review for this author. The character personality followed the same recipe as normal which was good. Two things bothered me about this story. 2, no physical description other than hair color and handsome or beautiful. 1, whore is not now nor will it ever be a term of endearment. Makes no sense. I hope this does not become a trend.


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