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Rebel Without A Claus By Emma Hart


Book/Novel Author: Emma Hart

Book/Novel Title: Rebel Without A Claus



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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year—unless you’re Quinn Langley.I’ve hated the festive season for as long as I can remember, but this year really takes the chestnut. My family has run Snow Cove’s grotto for the past sixty years, but when my dad—our resident Santa Claus—gets the flu, it’s down to me to find a new Santa and save Christmas.If only Grandpa would stop spiking the eggnog…Oh, and if I had more than twenty-four hours to do it. Not to mention that all the people who can help me are already busy with their own plans for the Christmas fair.Until Nicholas freaking White knocks on the grotto door.I haven’t seen or spoken to him since he took my v-card and abandoned me in a motel room nine years ago, but he’s my only option. I have no choice but to let him be my Santa Claus, or I risk ruining Christmas for hundreds of kids.The last place I want to be is stuffed in the grotto with Nicholas, being Santa’s not so happy little helper, still desperately trying to hold onto my grudge.Now, if only we could stop finding ourselves under mistletoe, that would be great…Rebel Without A Claus is a hilarious, sexy, festive standalone novel.
Rebel Without A Claus had nearly everything one would look for in a Hallmark Christmas romance, and more! It was a funny, easy read which is what I expect from an Emma Hart book. The characters are always relatable and the jokes are always funny. Five stars because I will definitely reread next holiday season!
The story line is fun and entertaining and sweet, but like all of the author books it is set in small town USA with British references for things and common phrases which is odd. The lead uses her torch, not her flashlight, etc. I’ve never met any American who says “on a morning” instead of “in the morning.” I’m not sure if it’s just a kindle version, but words are missing from sentences and the wrong version of words are used: principle vs principal for instance. Makes for choppy reading at times, even when you really like the story.
This was a cute book for enjoyable reading. I would not recommend this book for young teens due to language. It brings in many characters as the story proceeds
Nicholas and Quinn were hilarious. They were high school sweethearts and hadn’t seen each other in years. Quinn wasn’t happy to see him and was still holding a grudge. Nicholas heard Quinn needed help with Christmas and went to help but she was pretty stubborn about accepting. She finally gave in and slowly some of the bitterness towards Nicholas started wearing off but she was taking her time. They were very funny moments especially with Quinn’s family. And Nicholas realized he couldn’t live without Quinn and made changes. Great story.
We all know I’m a sucker for second chance romances and mixing that with Christmas was just what I needed. Just like with all of this author’s books, the secondary characters were fantastic. I loved what they brought to the story while not distracting from Quinn and Nicholas’s story. If you’re looking for a holiday, small town, second chance, romance that will make you laugh out loud, swoon, and fall in love right along with the couple, don’t miss this one. My heart was so full after finishing this story and it definitely helped keep me in the Christmas spirit after it was over. The only thing I wish, is that we had gotten some of Nicholas’s POV.
KU subscription I must’ve missed seeing this was a second-chance romance, because I don’t normally check those out. Most of them require the FMC to forgive the MMC for some stupid reason as to why he broke her heart. Especially if there are more than a couple of years of separation. It doesn’t make sense that nine years later there could be that much attraction or forgiveness. Another reason I don’t like most second chance romances is that the MMC is shown to have been doing just fine while the FMC has been failing at life and love in the meantime. This one is different: the FMC has been doing rather well and the MMC is not a rich billionaire, just a regular teacher. What bothered me about this one is that the MMC didn’t seem that sorry about what happened. They were very young, not in love, just sex after a party, but she was really hurt and he seemed to think she should get over it. Also, the story is told through the lone POV of the FMC, Quinn, and because of the the nine year separation, I was wanting to know more about the thoughts that were going through the MMC Nicholas’ mind. The story is that FMC Quinn’s family runs a Christmas grotto and they need a Santa at the last minute. Nicholas, the MMC, shows up out of the blue after nine years and offers to play Santa. One thing I did appreciate about the event nine years earlier is that they didn’t spend the whole book in misunderstanding. He cleared that up pretty much immediately, which was refreshing, but I still didn’t like how that was written. But, as I’ve said before, it’s the author’s prerogative to sculpt a story the way they want. The reason I started skimming around 40% was the snarky, sassy, witty internal banter going on inside Quinn‘s head began to wear on me. I love snarky FMCs, even though I know some of the readers will call her “mean“, and the first few chapters were mostly funny, but then it just got old. Some of the jokes were pin-sharp but more and more other jokes seemed to be extraneous and overdone to the point where I thought of the sage advice to “murder your darlings” when writing and editing. Early on, we get that she is grinchy and doesn’t really like Christmas up until Christmas day when she finally gets into the spirit. But we get every thought in her head, whether it is a snarky response to her own dialogue or about others. Some of the scenes, like decorating his grandmother’s house for Christmas, were really sweet and well done, but the constant snark in her head dragged all these scenes out to the point where I started skimming. I am willing to admit this might be a flaw in me as a reader of romances. I love a really well-done slow-burn romance, but not in a Christmas novella. It’s pretty well into the book by the time in the intimate scenes happen. I think sacrificing some darlings would have helped tighten up this story. One thing I really liked about this story was her treatment of the supporting characters. Somewhat overdone, like alcoholic grandpa, but the author did a good job of juggling pregnant sister, grandpa, friends, a stressed-out mom, and other characters who came in and out of the story. I was surprised more time wasn’t spent on the six-year-old niece, but it wasn’t a single mom or single dad romance so that’s okay. I only found this author because I was looking for Christmas stories. Based on this book, I don’t know if I will try others unless I am wanting a light romance and am caught between publications from my favorites. As I said, there were several things to admire about this book, so I might try another one, and if it makes me want to skim again I just won’t read another.


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