Reckless Heir By Jenika Snow

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Reckless Heir (Underworld Kings): An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance By Jenika Snow


Book/Novel Author: Jenika Snow

Book/Novel Title: Reckless Heir



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*A top 35 Amazon bestseller*From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a new full-length standalone arranged marriage mafia romance set in the Underworld Kings world that blurs the lines between right and wrong.My father sold me off to a ruthless killer in the Russian mafia, an alliance between the Bratva and the Cosa Nostra.An arranged marriage where I’d be at the mercy of the man who’d no doubt see me as his property, where I was sure he’d be just as cruel and violent as every other Made Man I’d known in my life.Nikolai Petrov, known to be a sociopath and for killing anyone for the smallest infraction. And I’d be forever tied to him, an accessory he could use or dispose of any way he saw fit.And then I found myself painted red, my wedding dress stained in blood. A man dead by my husband’s hands for simply touching my hair.I was terrified of the lengths Nikolai would go to get what he wanted… to keep me as his, but despite all of that I felt something far stronger, far more dangerous.Need. Want. Dark and depraved desire. And it was all for the man who said I was his.For better or worse.
That was intense!! Absolutely loved every minute of it, could not put it down!! It sucks you in from start to finish and doesn’t let go!! Nikolai is so amazing for a brute, and amara got so lucky finding love in the end
I felt like it could have been better. I didn’t get invested in the characters. The MFC barely spoke. She was all “I’m not weak I won’t be weak” one moment then the next it was “oh I have to be a good little Italian wife” then “oh I have to be a strong bratva queen” but didn’t do really anything to show she was even trying except in the last 3 chapters. Idk it wasn’t my favorite out of this whole series. It also had a lot of grammatical errors, spelling errors, missing quotations at the end of dialog making you have to guess where the end of a persons sentence was. It needs a lot of editing.Overall I felt like it needed more character depth. Their relationship was basically sex and her having a humiliation kink, no real depth to it.
This story has promise, but never quite hit the mark. On top of the numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes, the plot was lackluster at best. From the author’s almost creepy obsession with reminding us that the FMC was “barely legal”, to over the top descriptions of certain anatomical processes during the spicy scenes. It just didn’t do it for me
Being forced to marry a killer beast just for business is what Aroma life consisted. The beast in question is Nikolia. He agreed to marry for business purposes. He was not expecting for anyone to love him because of his enjoyment for killing. But he never expected anyone to love him because of the way he was. Changing was not a option for him, but protecting those he love was easy for him. Noticing the way she was treated by her father, he knew he would protect her no matter what the cost.I was surprised at some of the ending, glad he did not have to do anything to protect Amaia because it was taken out his hands (somewhat).
Another really good one by Jenika Snow. I’ve read all of her books and this one makes my top 5 list for sure.


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