Reconstructing Democracy By Charles Taylor

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Reconstructing Democracy: How Citizens Are Building from the Ground Up By Charles Taylor


Book/Novel Author: Charles Taylor

Book/Novel Title: Reconstructing Democracy

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“An urgent manifesto for the reconstruction of democratic belonging in our troubled times.”
—Davide Panagia

Across the world, democracies are suffering from a disconnect between the people and political elites. In communities where jobs and industry are scarce, many feel the government is incapable of understanding their needs or addressing their problems. The resulting frustration has fueled the success of destabilizing demagogues. To reverse this pattern and restore responsible government, we need to reinvigorate democracy at the local level. But what does that mean? Drawing on examples of successful community building in cities large and small, from a shrinking village in rural Austria to a neglected section of San Diego, Reconstructing Democracy makes a powerful case for re-engaging citizens. It highlights innovative grassroots projects and shows how local activists can form alliances and discover their own power to solve problems.

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