Remembrance – A love story set in the woods of IIT Madras By Dr Krishna Murthy Boyapati

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Remembrance – A love story set in the woods of IIT Madras: The greatest love story ever told By Dr Krishna Murthy Boyapati


Book/Novel Author: Dr Krishna Murthy Boyapati

Book/Novel Title: Remembrance – A love story set in the woods of IIT Madras

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The Book (in colour)Remembrance is the greatest love story ever told; it is an inspirational true story about true love. The terms “love” and “lust” are frequently used in many storybooks. However, most often it is the lust that masquerades as love in all these books. This is probably the same even in life. Have you wondered how the contours of a much sought after, but rarely found, true love, feels like in real life? Can true love survive throughout the rough and tumble of life? Can real people, such as the characters in this book, ever be united by true love? These are eternal questions with which humankind has grappled for more than a millennia. Find out the answers and even experience the “true love” for yourself!Remembrance tells a different kind of story—one that you probably have never read or experienced before—in style, in substance and even the story itself. The book is an intense memoir told from the heart. Romance, love, suspense and all the human emotions are interwoven in the fabric of the story, which is laced with the innocence of the characters. Written in straightforward, yet plain English, the average person on the street will feel the story unfold with ease.The storyThe author grew up in a poor but loving rural family. Under adverse circumstances, with one-in-a-million impossible odds, he comes from behind—wins a scholarship to study at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) set in the beautiful woodlands, during the early 1970s. He meets his true love, a rich but innocent city girl, Kamala, on the very first day of the maths class. A wonderful love story unfolds. He greets her and falls in love. At first it is through her attire; then it is her character that appeals to him. She, in turn, starts to love him through his unique style and content of storytelling, taken right out of his childhood experiences.It was a time when the genders were strictly segregated and the practice of falling in love before marriage was completely forbidden in India. Those times can only be described as equivalent to the 19th century Victorian England. Today’s younger generation, may not even believe such circumstances existed! The story begins in Australia, goes back to India and returns to conclude in Australia. The author invites us to share the beauty of his first experience of true love and the social obstacles created by a conservative society. With insights into his childhood through storytelling, he takes us on a remarkable journey.At its heart, it is a unique memoir told with real feeling and takes us through a roller coaster of emotions. The end is heart-rending and the characters’ feelings in the Indian social setting are beautifully captured. The author’s recounting of his falling in love is—interesting, hilarious and touching. It is a textbook case of how to fall in love and earn a spouse, which can be more important than earning a degree itself at a university. Although it is set in the Indian context, the book has a universal appeal across all genders and races. The memoir will enthral us and linger in our hearts long after closing the book, probably for years!Remembrance, is a reciprocal gift by the author to Kamala, his first and the true love of his life. The author compares the gift as equivalent to “Taj Mahal,” a monument to love.Will his true love succeed? Will Kamala receive the gift?Product details318 pages.Paperback size 5.5″x8.5″ (13.97cmx21.59cm).Artistic drawings, sketches and pictures.Remembrance to be made into a movie.

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