Resurrected as a Drow By Logan Jacobs

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Resurrected as a Drow By Logan Jacobs


Book/Novel Author: Logan Jacobs

Book/Novel Title: Resurrected as a Drow



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My name is Fynn Draven, and I used to be from this world.I think I might have died, but I can’t remember. All I know is that I woke up on an altar as a drow male, and the beautiful dark-elf priestesses said they begged their Spider Goddess for help.They ended up with me.Drow males apparently don’t have a lot of standing or power in this matriarchal society, but the women who summoned me are in dire need. Their House has been raided, their family decimated, and they are out for revenge.So, if I can help them get their vengeance, I could potentially be adopted by this House and increase my standing in this cutthroat world.And this group of beautifully evil priestesses will also need help making children to replenish their numbers…
There’s a lot of things that are left unanswered in the first book, but overall a solid story with lots of political intrigue. The Drow society is one built on cruelty and strength, so there’s not a lot of warm-fuzzies, but it seems the MC has found a family that mostly nurtures what remains. Looking forward to more.
I was completely entranced with the read . I only know of one other author that does that to me . Great story line through out……
Liked this one. Story was interesting and paced really well. Some parts felt rushed. At no point did I lose interest.
I had a fun time reading this one, I enjoy most of the authors work and this one is no exception. I honestly think this is worth a read through.
New concept, likable Mc, feels like a slow burn harem. But with a clever and detailed plot plus beautiful world building. His best work yet! Can’t wait for the sequel!
Wonderful explanation of how Drow society works. If you are a fan of the Forgotten Reams series you will Love this book!


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4.9/5309 ratings