Reunion By Z.D. Dean

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Reunion (Redleg in Space Book 3) By Z.D. Dean


Book/Novel Author: Z.D. Dean

Book/Novel Title: Reunion



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Gaining strength as he moves through the galaxy, Zade is beginning to get a feel for his new ship and crew. Although his main purpose is to find earth so he can help protect them from forces like the Unity and Domain, the enormity of his task has started to wear on him. A broken and barely understandable radio signal pulls him and the crew from their slump. Can Anne triangulate the location of earth? How long has it been since he got taken? What will he find when he gets there? Zade has to grapple with those questions as he makes a beeline for home.
So, I have been reading this series on Kindle Unlimited for a few months.It has a lot of rough edges, but it has more good than bad.The series is still trying to decide what it wants to be and there have been a few continuity mistakes. The good news is that the author made a serious effort in the 3rd book to create workarounds for the continuity errors between the 1st and 2nd books. It seems like the writer may have been alerted to errors by readers and then tried to fix mistakes. Not many authors bother, so kudos to this one for making the effort!I only found one major point where the author contradicted himself in this book. In an early segment, he said that the crew was going to a “new” station, but later he mentioned interacting with characters from the old station at the new one. It is possible that the old characters happened to travel to the new from the old, but I think it was simply a case of the writer getting his wires crossed. :-)Also, in early parts of the story some of the opposing characters seem to have somewhat shaky justifications/rationals for their behavior and/or plans of action. I am betting that if the author steps back and takes a slow, careful second read through of his stories, he will see the weak spots and will later upload revised book versions to the Kindle platform. All of life is a learning process.Some reviewers expressed discontent with the “mixed” genres of space opera and LitRPG, but as long as the story is fun (and has at least some logic to its progression) I personally don’t mind the transition. :-)One last note, the author appears to have a spell check program in use, but might not have software to check for context/grammar issues. I noticed a few instances where words like “patience and patients” were mistakenly used in the story. Spellcheck will find no problems with either word even when they are used incorrectly. These are honest mistakes that can be corrected in future revisions. Some people get seriously worked up over such things. I don’t.The reason why I gave the highest star rating despite any weak spots in the story is this. It is clear that the author is making a serious effort to write an entertaining piece of fiction that has some underlining logic to its progression. I respect someone who is not a professional writer to be able to accomplish this at all.I look forward to reading more of his future works.
Just finished this third book in the series and still very happy and looking forward for the next book in the series.The story is still holding and the author is putting new characters to keep the story going strong and not getting boring. It seems this third book is straddling the fence of becoming a LitRPG type of book. I hope not. But we shall see.So! Overall a good book and fun to read, still giving the series two thumbs up and can’t wait for the fourth book.
Safe and company ploding along trying to find Earth scavaging tech ad they go. They find Earth and the story suddenly becomes a RPG. Please
This sucked, while I read book1 it was pretty nice… Sure plot armor and make my Mc into a superman was present, but we can look past that right? Second book went Mc getting all jumbled up in the head, with useful crew members just popping up as if they are mushrooms after rain but ok fine… Book3 starts looking nice and 75% of it is fine rushed af as everything else but fine… Then it goes from space opera to litrpg style Wtf? All in all plot armor is now so thick nothing can penetrate it, characters are bleak, this sucks and it sucks badly.

When I found out that book 3 was available, I knew I had to read it. This is an awesome “to be continued” read. I highly recommend it if you’re into this type of genre.


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