Revenge By Mariyam Hasnain

Revenge – A Forgotten Love Story (Renegade, #3) by Mariyam Hasnain

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Book/Novel Author: Mariyam Hasnain

Book/Novel Title: Revenge

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She smiles at me like I’m the only man who can make her smile so bright. She trusts me like I’m the only man on this planet who she can trust. She loves me like I’m the only man she ever wanted to fall in love with. Like I won’t wrap her hair in my wrist and twist her on my will. Now, I’m the most dangerous enemy she’ll ever have. This is the beginning of a new era. For I’m waging a war, A lovers-to-enemies battle. Ruchika I spent years trying to forget him. I was trying to be a good wife, a normal woman, away from him, from the dangerous world he lives. And then, he comes back. Wounded and Scarred. Dangerous and Lethal. But even more beautiful and a hell more smashing. Stop looking at me like this for I’ll die a sweet death. Stop chasing me like this for I’ll succumb to the chase. Smile for I only want to remember those beautiful sunny days. Before they shed your little mask into the ground Before they tell me, your prince is dead. For 5 years Rajeev and Ruchika were apart. Love, hatred, passion, trust have all gone. But now the dark mafia prince is back to reclaim all that love, all that hatred that once existed between them. Love that’s no longer there… Hatred that has grown million folds. Will Rajeev claim Ruchika’s love or hatred or whatever bound them together once? Or will revenge burn every single emotion down into ashes when he finds her with another man. What would happen to Ruchika’s newly constructed world she created to keep her and Alia away from Rajeev. Would she be able to keep the promise she made to herself before moving on… Did she really move on? And who’s the new man in her life? Who will find their happily-ever-after and whose dreams will shatter forever?

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