Rewriting the Stars By Claire Kingsley

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Rewriting the Stars: A Small Town Romance (The Bailey Brothers Book 6) By Claire Kingsley


Book/Novel Author: Claire Kingsley

Book/Novel Title: Rewriting the Stars



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Firefighter Levi Bailey is used to being alone. Not that he’s lonely. How could he be, with a band of unruly brothers, and their wives and growing families. Maybe he’s the odd man out. The one brother who isn’t destined to be with his soulmate.Besides, he has her.She’s his Juliet, the only woman in the world he can’t ever have. To an outsider, it probably seems crazy. But the Tilikum town feud is no joke—especially now—and Annika Haven is strictly forbidden.Annika Haven never expected to be back in her hometown, let alone as a single mom with two jobs. Add in a pack of overprotective brothers, a brewing family crisis, and a gossipy, feuding town on the brink of chaos, and life gets complicated.But at least she has him.He’s her Romeo, a son of the enemy. He makes her smile on her worst days. Yet, despite his brooding sex appeal, the one thing she cannot do is fall for Levi Bailey. They’re just friends and that’s the way it has to stay.But after months of secret texts and stolen glances, one soul-stealing kiss changes everything. And Levi Bailey is about to do the impossible.Defy the feud.Author’s note: an intense hero who relentlessly pursues what he wants and a single mom with a tender heart. Small-town shenanigans, a hundred-year-old mystery, a riot of crazy brothers, enough heat to melt your Kindle (and your ovaries) and the biggest, heart-burstingest, happily ever after you’ve been waiting for.The Bailey Brothers series is meant to be read in order. Start with book one, Protecting You.
This was an excellent end to this series! I loved the book and I’m excited to read about the Havens.
Levi and Annika’s story was such a fitting way to bring this series to a close. All of those storylines were brought together with several surprises and twists that only increases your reading pleasure. Be sure to go to the bonus chapter, too! Enjoy.
Absolutely the perfect ending for this series. Loved every single book, and this last one was delayed but Claire Kingsley, YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!! do not delay or hesitate with this series people. Or any of Claire Kingsley’s books. You will not be disappointed.
Levi Bailey and Annika Haven have grown up in the quirky, divided town of Tilikum, Washington. Their families are on opposite sides of a 100 year feud. And lately the feud has turned dangerous. But Levi, now a firefighter, and Annika, now a single mom, had a secret friendship back in high school And that friendship has bloomed into more with time. So chasing clues to find the town’s fabled treasure, searching for a way to be together and hoping to end the infamous feud makes the story of Levi and Annika a sexy, warm hearted and genuinely satisfying tale. The crazy myths, incredible characters and terrific occurrences with these families, including the extra epilogue, are most welcome and awe inspiring. Wonderful completion of a beautiful series.
I absolutely loved this book. It just boggles my mind that Claire could put out the perfect book while going through such personal heartache. This story was my favorite. It wrapped up the mystery in such a perfect way. The book was filled with such love and suspense. I just loved how Levi’s love, devotion and determination was able to be with the love of his life. His relationship with Thomas melted my ovaries! I can’t wait for the Haven series, I know Claire will knock it out of the park!
I loved that this was the last Bailey and I loved this story. It was so sweet to see Levi end up with twin girls. I loved that they had history and were willing to fight for their love regardless of what they faced. This was just a good series. I fell in love with each brother as I got to read their stories and oh how it made me miss my Granny! Gram was like a cherry on top of each sundae. These are just great stories you won’t regret reading them and you’ll be finished and missing them before you know it!


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