Rhythm of Rime By Zoe Parker

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Rhythm of Rime By Zoe Parker


Book/Novel Author: Zoe Parker

Book/Novel Title: Rhythm of Rime

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Cold hands, warm heart.
Life can change so suddenly, leaving you standing there with your heart in your throat—unsure of what to do. I’ve never been good at playing the damsel in distress, which means it’s time to do something about it. My life has taken a turn I never expected it to take.
I have a Triad. Three beautiful, annoying men have taken up residence in my home and in my life.
Oh, and my dad? He’s the High Priest of the Moon Clan. The evil so-and-so and now he’s decided he wants to meet his daughter. The one he abandoned to the tender mercies of a Graywalker and wants to use for some unknown, nefarious reason.
Then there’s Rime, Jack Frost himself nipping at my toes. But when I need the heat turned up, I discover that inside the man of snow and ice beats the heart of a volcano.
**This is a Multiple Mayhem Novel which has Reverse Harem themes.This is not a stand-alone book.** **

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