Ride Me, Cowboy By Jess Stone

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Ride Me, Cowboy By Jess Stone


Book/Novel Author: Jess Stone

Book/Novel Title: Ride Me, Cowboy

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I’d have sworn this was going to be a shitty summer with my mom stashing me on a ranch with my aunt and cousin while she goes off to France to work for the season.
The plane lands me in the middle of nowhere I want to be, and I’m pissed off. But then I see him, and everything I’d ever thought I knew about my world turns upside down.
Nash is muscle upon muscle of a stunning body, topped with a gorgeous face, and a cowboy hat. And all I can think of is how much I want to touch and taste him.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
When Andaline’s mother plans to send her to her aunt and cousin’s ranch a plane ride away for the summer, Andaline is sure it’s going to be the worst summer of her entire life.
Andy (her preferred way of being addressed) is further deflated when neither her aunt or cousin can even manage to pick her up from the airport, adding to her belief that the next ten weeks are going to be nothing short of horrible.
And then she sees Nash, the hot, hunky cowboy who works with her aunt, and her world stops dead in its tracks.
As intrigue ensues and desire mounts, both Andy and Nash fight against the forbidden craving they are tormented by for each other until it all finally comes crashing into fruition and can no longer be denied.
***Warning*** This story is over the top, insta-love, with steamy love scenes that are likely to leave your panties in a similar condition as Andy’s: sopping wet.
Happily Ever After Guaranteed
No Cliffhangers
A Quick Read
Have Fun! 😉 **

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