Riley Thorn and the Blast from the Past By Lucy Score

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Riley Thorn and the Blast from the Past By Lucy Score


Book/Novel Author: Lucy Score

Book/Novel Title: Riley Thorn and the Blast from the Past



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Riley Thorn and her hot, tattooed, private investigator boyfriend are all moved in to their new fixer-upper. Not only do they finally have their own place, they also haven’t found any new dead bodies on the premises.Yep. It looks like summer is over and so is Riley’s bad luck. Or is it?While Nick gives up sleeping and showering to obsess over the cold case that still haunts him, his business partner Mrs. Penny is calling the investigative shots. It’s every bit as bad as you can imagine.Meanwhile, Riley has her hands full fixing up the crumbling crime scene they call home and setting boundaries with the breaking-and-entering octogenarians next door. You know. Normal stuff.But normal comes to a screeching halt when our favorite psychic is abducted by a stranger with candy, and her powers go on the fritz. To make matters worse, it becomes clear that Riley’s new house guests are definitely either in trouble or are trouble after bad guys deliver a warning with a severed finger.Can Nick and Riley solve the case the old-fashioned way before they all end up in pieces? Or will a surprise birthday party, a dog doody bandit, an accidental arson, and a blast from the past be too much for them to handle?
You are missing out if you haven’t read this series. This book did not disappoint! The antics that Riley, Nick and all of the secondary characters get into is a crazy adventure full of laughter (my face hurts) and mystery. I highly recommend this book.
It took a while to get going but once it does, the mystery really pulls you in. Especially since there’s a big hurdle of lies to sift through and make sense of. But because of that, it did feel like it took too much from the other things going on, like the interpersonal relationships with everyone.Nick and Riley didn’t have as much time together as previous books and he shows some of his less attractive qualities, which made them together a little frustrating in the beginning. But seeing them reconnect and resolve their issues made their relationship seem more real.One thing that did bother me was there being less woo-woo stuff going on. While yes, the plot point of having iffy powers was the point and it helped Riley learn a few things about herself, it wasn’t as fun.Overall, can’t wait to read the next one and see Griffin the orange douche get the torture he deserves!!
This series is one of the best! Let me tell ya, Lucy Score can write. Each book of this series is filled with hilarious scenes played out through the very interesting lives of quirky, quick-whitted characters, that seem to be destined for dangerous plot twists. She kept my heart bursting, my giggle box turned upside down, while I sat poised on the edge of my seat, and I can’t wait for more!
fun light mystery with just enough spice to keep it interesting. Supporting Characters always bring a smile to my face
This is the third installment in the Riley Thorn series and I swear they just keep getting better! Lucy Score delivers a laugh out comedy with just enough suspense to keep you on your toes! The shenanigans that goes down between Riley, Nick and their neighbors was absolutely hilarious!! I loved how even though this was Riley’s story, the found family has you wanting to know about everyone. She does such a perfect job with that in her writing. I can’t wait for the next installment! My interest is past peaked to see what will happen next.
I absolutely love this series! Quirky, funny, sweet, intriguing, and so much fun! I smiled the whole way through this one. The audio is definitely worth the extra wait. Highly recommend the series and book!


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