Rise of the Weakest Summoner By J. R. Saileri

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Rise of the Weakest Summoner: Volume II By J. R. Saileri


Book/Novel Author: J. R. Saileri

Book/Novel Title: Rise of the Weakest Summoner



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After rescuing the party of young adventurers inside a dungeon and spending some time together, Asterios and Miria head out to hold a summoning ritual that could possibly allow them to find a fitting member for their small party. But, nothing is as simple as it usually seems.During their journeys, the duo of adventurers, or perhaps trio if the summoning succeeds, will have to work together through a few small obstacles on their path, some directly connected to Ast’s family. Will they challenge the dungeon again? What will be their next destination? Will they learn more about Ast’s unusual power?One thing is certain, their bonds will surely grow stronger.This story includes:Mystery of the past looming in the background. Sudden strength gain with progressive development. Mild romance with a shy but strong girl, and a mischievous refined lady. Caring and devoted protagonist, albeit serious and decisive when confronted. Slowly developing unconventional relationships. Chill and quite relaxed adventure story with a pinch of unabridged intimate situations.
I’m looking forward to the next adventure. I really enjoyed both this and the first book. I was so into it I read the second book before reviewing oops lol

Found this series and read them back to back. I suck at writing review. But these books are worth reading if your not offended by Harem books.
A surprisingly fun adventure to read!!! This series is exceptionally well written, with excellent world building, fun adventures and dynamic characters!!! The adult fantasy activities throughout the story are very tasteful and enjoyable to read, making this just an incredibly fun series to read!!!
Second book even better than the first! Ast Summons another Companion, this one is a Lady Spiritual Fox, and even more powerful than Miria. They all go dungeon diving to practice fighting together and pick up a fourth to round out the party. Turns out to be fairly dangerous, but also fairly profitable. They return to his home, and find out thing are not as they should, and it take some drastic measures to get thing corrected, but Get it, read it, you won’t be sorry.
Really enjoyed this book. There was plot development and character growth. There was lots of good funny parts. I appreciate that 5he author is so considerate of his readers. Making it easy to read and enjoy their work.


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4.9/5309 ratings