Rise To The Bait By Sam Hall

Rise To The Bait (The Lap of the Gods Book 2) by Sam Hall

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Book/Novel Author: Sam Hall

Book/Novel Title: Rise To The Bait

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  • I’ve got the powers of a goddess and I’m not afraid to use them. Being the avatar of Lyra should have made my life easier. Instead, it painted a target on my back. Thrust into a werewolf camp, I was forced to run in a brutal ritual, for the gods themselves to decide who my mate should be. Never one to take things lying down, I refused to let that decision be made for me. But my troubles didn’t end there. Hesse has set aside his casual brutalisation of the captive anomalous population. His focus has become far more personal when he realized exactly who has been stripping him of his assets. It wasn’t blood banks or wolves he wanted. It was me. Now, to stay out of his clutches, I must face my greatest fear and learn… to trust. Only with the help of allies do I hold any hope of defeating Hesse. Will it be enough to free our people? Or are we doomed to crumble beneath his tyrannical reign?

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