Rising From the Ashes By Katy Pierce

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Rising From the Ashes (Allie Grecco Series Book 1) By Katy Pierce


Book/Novel Author: Katy Pierce

Book/Novel Title: Rising From the Ashes



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They tried to cover up the wrong case. Allie Grecco will make them pay.Allie Grecco is living a double life. Thoughtful friend, office drone, and girly college student by day, she becomes a deadly hunter by night, lurking New York City’s seediest alleys to eliminate scumbag predators the cops can’t—or won’t—catch.Since her discharge from the military, it’s the only thing that keeps the nightmares at bay. But everything changes when Allie realizes she’s not the only hunter out there.When one of her sting operations is interrupted by another ex-military operator, Allie learns a secret about her day job at Soldiers for Hire, and is soon put to the ultimate test… a case that could alter the course of her life forever.A civil rights lawyer is missing, and the cops have declared her dead. It smells like a cover-up. Allie Grecco won’t have it. Not on her watch.Rising From the Ashes is book one of Katy Pierce’s Allie Grecco series, perfect for fans of L.T. Ryan. A thrilling roller-coaster ride of one soldier’s journey to face her demons—vigilante-style.Get Your Copy Now!
This book wasboring and the author is trying to be like author mary stone. Didn’t like the way the book was written at all .
Was hooked from the first sentence. Allie cane alive and got down to business without the frills of too much back sfory. Kept me interested all the way throygh!!
Multi-layered likable characters navigate an intricate missing person case, emerging victorious. The ending had me itching for the sequel, which I will be reading next!
Interesting premise and characters. Allie is a great lead and female character. I am torn on the direction of Daniel and Phoenix and their character and backstory. It seems like great friends, but call me crazy I think there were hints of an unhappy Phoenix. I did have some trouble following the different roles at times, but as I got into the hang of the story the masks and personality made sense. The ex-ranger part was fascinating and her trauma heartbreaking. The ending was great and I look forward for see how her work, friend and maybe more personal relationships develop. Also, heads up there is an intriguing cliffhanger!
This was good read. It was interesting and had a fast pace that kept me reading. Would recommend to friends
I wasn’t sure if I would like this type of story, but boy was I wrong. This book as well as its prequel sucked me right in. Fast paced and down right twisted. I couldn’t stop reading while holding my breath to see what happened next. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was going to be more like my husband’s type of book. I give it two thumbs way up. Now to order the next book. Thanks for the recommendations of Mary Stone ( whom I bought all of her books for my husband and got addicted to myself)


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