Risky Bargain By Barbara Freethy

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Risky Bargain: A riveting romantic suspense thriller (Off the Grid: FBI Series Book 10) By Barbara Freethy


Book/Novel Author: Barbara Freethy

Book/Novel Title: Risky Bargain



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“RISKY BARGAIN is a fast-paced, action-packed Romantic Suspense that is both a complex thriller and a heart-warming romance. It’ll blow your socks off and make you feel warm and fuzzy, all at the same time.” Toni Anderson, New York Times Bestselling AuthorFBI Agent Lucas Raines is a man on a mission, desperate to find a kidnap victim, the billionaire CEO of a video game company, who disappears during a horrific home invasion that leaves two people dead and others terrorized.Kat Parrish never thought that sneaking into a billionaire’s party would end with her hiding in a closet, her clothes spattered with blood, her ears ringing from the sound of gunshots. But her problems don’t end with the arrival of the police. In fact, they are just beginning, especially when a handsome but ruthless FBI agent starts asking the hard questions. She has to decide whether a lie or the truth will not only save her life, but that of her friend.As Lucas and Kat dive deep into the world of gaming, it quickly becomes clear that there are games being played on different levels. The players keep changing. The goal posts are constantly moving. No one is who they appear to be. There’s a bigger mystery behind each door they open, and soon they can only trust each other. But should they?Is their reality a game, or is the game their reality? Will love keep them alive or be their final play?The romantic suspense continues in RISKY BARGAIN, the next book in the bestselling Off The Grid: FBI Series! Also Available in the Off The Grid: FBI SeriesPerilous Trust #1Reckless Whisper #2Desperate Play #3Elusive Promise #4Dangerous Choice #5Ruthless Cross #6Critical Doubt #7Fearless Pursuit #8Daring Deception #9Risky Bargain #10Perfect Target #11PRAISE FOR RISKY BARGAIN:”A great edge of your seat suspense with a healthy dose of romance we have come to expect from the FBI series, but the scenarios are original and a great read.” Debbie, Goodreads”The story is filled with nonstop action, a twisting road filled with clues…a lot of which lead in opposite directions, terrific character backstories, and a budding romance.” Jane, Goodreads”Lots of suspense and twists in this exciting story. You’ll never see the end coming.” Cheryl, Goodreads”Risky Bargain by Barbara Freethy is writing at its best. A can’t put it down thriller with love thrown in. Loved this book and proof is I stayed up most of the night reading it.” J. Stryker, Goodreads”I was riveted from the first page to the last.” Peggy, Goodreads”This book has everything I want in good romantic suspense. A compelling story and a couple to fall in love with!” Trude, Goodreads”If you love books that have everything from mystery, action, edge of your seat, nail binding excitement and romance thrown in this is for you!! I know you will not be disappointed!” Dianna, Goodreads”Barbara Freethy is a master of romantic suspense and this book showcases that perfectly! I had a hard time putting it down!” Kristen, Goodreads”Couldn’t wait to turn the page. Great read. I’d give 10 stars if I could.” Maureen, Goodreads Read more
I haven’t read Freethy in a long time but I didn’t remember her novels as being so ridiculously unrealistic. The characters weren’t bad and she keeps the suspense up, the action moving.However, I won’t read a romantic suspense by her again. Three of the many examples of things that stretch credulity to the breaking point—things that make you want to throw the book across the room (dangerous with a Kindle):1. Woman tells lies to get into a party where people are shot and killed. FBI agent tracks her down and she convinces him she is innocent. He is so engaged by her he takes her with him as he searches for evidence and interviews witnesses. His superiors and his colleagues accept it. ?!? That would NEVER happen. He would be fired! What if she, a civilian, gets hurt during this? What if one of the witnesses complains about a civilian being in on their interview? What about claims of tainted evidence (because a civilian woman was at the location of the collection) which might get the culprit off Scott free?2. The H, one of two leads on the case, hardly ever discusses the case much with colleagues, even with his co-leader, only with the h. No meetings with others on the case to coordinate and strategize. He calls on colleagues only when he needs assistance or to let someone else know about some crucial piece of information the H and h uncover.3. Villain is taken into custody and says that he isn’t going to say anything, he wants a lawyer. Agents trick the villain into talking about incriminating things. I’m no lawyer but I think that once a person in custody says they want a lawyer the agents have to stop the interview until a defense lawyer arrives or it can be thrown out in court.
The books just keep getting better with all the unexpected twists and turns. I am Looking forward to the next book
I loved all 9 of this series. This young ladies forced her way into a FBI investigation. How would this even be allowed by the agents boss. Her personality is irritating that I read two books while reading this one.
Barbara has a unique way of creating characters and plots that engage you, but also keep you guessing until almost the last page.
Another tremendous read!I love Barbara Freethy’s Off The Grid: FBI Series. She writes each story so you are completely immersed in the mystery, romance and intrigue. This time it’s about Kat Parrish, a video game artist, trying to find her friend and FBI agent Lucas Raines, who’s trying to find the missing CEO of that video game company. The video game has become real and deadly. The two team up to find the people responsible. And despite it all, romance happens. Will it help them stay alive or be their downfall? I couldn’t put it down. I had to see what happens. There were so many well written twists and turns to the plot. Well done Ms. Freethy. Can’t wait for the next story to be told.
Loved the fast pace, loved the story, loved the characters!This is just a great read! I highly recommend it!


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