Road Kill By Paul Heatley

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Road Kill (A Tom Rollins Thriller Book 5) By Paul Heatley


Book/Novel Author: Paul Heatley

Book/Novel Title: Road Kill



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A young girl being hunted. Only one man can save her.Tom Rollins is heading south through rural Washington when he sees a teenage girl being manhandled at a gas station. Tom intercedes and the girl escapes. Only to turn up as a stowaway in the back of Tom’s pickup truck.Her name is Taylor Hendricks and she’s on the run from a group of shady and powerful men who will stop at nothing to get her back. Taylor knows that if she can make it to Oregon, she’ll be safe. Tom promises to get her there.But the odds aren’t good. With ruthless enemies hot on their heels, and others waiting up ahead, the road to Oregon becomes a highway to hell and Tom will need every one of his lethal skills if he and Taylor are to make it through alive.Road Kill – Book 5 of the superb Tom Rollins action thriller series. Perfect for fans of Lee Child, Jason Kasper & David Archer.What readers are saying about Road Kill:“Loved this book. Well written, interesting characters and good storyline. First ‘Tom Rollins’ book I’ve read and will definitely read the others now. Highly recommended.” -Netgalley Reviewer“… a fun and exciting read. A good read that I recommend to adrenaline junkies of all stripes.” -Goodreads Reviewer“Paul Heatley has written another great fast paced action thriller and I highly recommend…” -Abibliofob Reviews“This is the most gripping novel I have read so far by Paul Heatley, and well worth reading, it had me hooked until I read it in one sitting.” -Netgalley Reviewer“This is another high-octane thriller from Paul Heatley. … you are guaranteed to be thrilled from beginning to end.” -Booksprout Reviewer“This story is well written, easy to read and has a very good pace.” -Goodreads Reviewer“Wow! Great book! Kept me glued to my kindle.” -Netgalley Reviewer
It seems that Tom cannot help himself when someone needs help. Before you know it, Tom has taken care of the problem. I am hoping there is another book of Tom coming in the near future. Keep writing great thrillers.
Tom Rollins runs a close second to Lee Childs Jack Reacher. Always helping a stranger. Loved all 5 books.
Escaping the ‘Ogre’ is never an easy task for Taylor. He always finds her.Ogre the pastor along with his most trusted men from police to mayor have secrets. Secrets that could put them away for life.Former ops Tom cannot stand to see someone in trouble. It’s only natural for him to step up and help.When a teenage girl is in trouble he steps in to help.Action packed drama, suspense and danger as Tom and Taylor begin their journey from Washington to her brother Oregon narrowly escaping Ogre’s men.If you have triggers please move on.This author is new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed Road Kill. Looking forward to more of his books.

I’ve read all five books and the story lines were great. The only thing I did not like in the books is the language. Not necessary to have that kind of language.You can do better than that.


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