Rookie Move By Neve Wilder

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Rookie Move (Playing for Keeps Book 1) By Neve Wilder


Book/Novel Author: Neve Wilder

Book/Novel Title: Rookie Move



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Falling for a teammate who also happens to be your brother’s best friend? Total rookie move.McRAE: I’ve had a crush on my brother’s best friend since the moment I laid eyes on him four years ago.Warner Ramsey is 225 pounds of pure hotness, a media darling, and one of the best NFL quarterbacks in the league.Hell, he’s the reason I figured out I’m solidly bi.It was easy to keep my crush under control when I was in college. Now, we play for the same team, and every time he talks smack, I want to shut him up. With my mouth.But I’ve got other things I should be focusing on, like dominating my rookie year with the Denver Rush and finally stepping out of my brother’s shadow.Besides, Ramsey’s straight.RAMSEY: I’ve never tapped into my bisexuality—never told anyone except my best friend that I’m bi. All I want is to play football and not draw media attention like my dad, who got ousted from the league.Garrett McRae is my biggest temptation. He’s gotten under my skin for years.I’m supposed to be looking out for him, not thinking about getting him naked.And definitely not the kiss we shared.That I somehow instigated.It was stupid, and not like me, but God, it was hot.We’re teammates, with million-dollar contracts on the line. And yet…is a little experimentation really so bad?Rookie Move is a low-angst, high-heat sports romance in the Playing for Keeps series.
Sometimes life is a mess, even for American pro football players. World Cup soccer players are different. But they still have messes.Boys growing up have their crushes, loves, friends, besties, games, balls, bikes, and family. Dealing with the messed requires help from friends. But sometimes the help goes beyond the helping knowledge and the experiences that flavor the daily grind and keep things interesting.When the helping hand is not enough to tickle the innards to satisfy the maturing itch, then things move quickly beyond the fast kiss or deep massage to more private things that bond them together.When the ball game moves off the field but not out of the media interest, the challenge is to pretend nothing is happening when everyone knows that it is game on.So what is a hot couple in love to do to keep their lives in the straight and narrow path to pleasure at its best.
Two top football players take things from friendship to more. It is humorous and heartfelt, they both learn and help each other in many different ways. Charming and positive. A strongly recommended book!
This book was absolutely amazing. I love the progress of their relationship I love that it is a happy ever after. The love and support between Garrett and Warner is something I wish everyone had!
I really like riley heart but lately the books were not very good. I think that the colab. With Neve Wilder was just what she needed to refresh the stories.Overall this book was really good and not your normal guy meets guy find out hus gay bla bla.
Loved every moment ! super cute couple, easy read and it was impossible to put down and not finish it straight away
Not very all.. but I do really like best friend’s little brother so it was an auto-buy for me. I liked the MCs relationship, banter and ease. I liked both of their relationship with Hudson. Nothing wrong with it, just nothing that stood out either


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