Room Mated By Stephanie Brother

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Room Mated: A Reverse Harem Romance (Roommates Book 4) By Stephanie Brother


Book/Novel Author: Stephanie Brother

Book/Novel Title: Room Mated



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It’s my first day of graduate school and I’m mistakenly assigned to the men’s dorm!I don’t want to live with three strange guys. That is until I take a tour of the suite. Once I see the huge living room, the study nook, the fireplace, and the balcony, there’s no way I’m moving out.But the suite has nothing on the hot-as-hell men themselves.Jude is a talented musician, and my initial attraction to him triples when I see him perform with his band. Mason is an arrogant engineering student and talented tennis player who wears very little in the suite—not that I’m complaining! Parker’s the youngest of the three and is nursing a broken heart. His sad, soulful brown eyes make me want to go to any length to cheer him up.Sleeping in the same room as three men feels strange at first, but the guys prove that they know how to treat a woman in the bedroom and out of it. Plus it’s exciting sneaking around, trying not to get caught. But then we have too much fun to worry about caution. When they find out I spend my summers mixing drinks, they set up a bar. Soon, we’re operating an unofficial nightclub that’s a big hit with our fellow students.The extra money helps a lot, and I love every minute I’m with Parker, Mason, and Jude—at least until I realize that our actions could get us thrown out of the dorm and endanger my scholarship.But the biggest risk is to my heart, because I’m falling hard for three incredible men who aren’t looking for anything more than a dorm room fling. Or are they?This is a full-length, steamy reverse harem romance featuring three amazing men you’ll fall in love with. No cheating. No cliffhangers. But definitely a happily ever after.
This was a cute story and had some great romance. The conflict didn’t seem super thought out so the climax was a little lack luster. Overall a fun, fast read.
Kylie is excited about being at school and meeting her new roommates. She falls asleep on one of the beds and wakes up to three guys staring at her. Evidently the school made a mistake with assigning rooms and place her with three guys. However, they sit down and discuss whether they can make it work or not. Jude, Mason ad Parker are sexy guys but everything was platonic when they started out. It wasn’t long before things started to heat up. Will Kylie find more with the guys than just roommates?This is an amazing story that once I started it I couldn’t put it down. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover.I received a free copy of this book via Cherrylily ARCs and am voluntarily leaving a review.
I’m not going to lie, books about college kids are sometimes hard for me to get into. I’m past those days in life, but I absolutely love this author and it sounded really good so I thought “why not”. I am so glad I gave this book a read! It is a great read. Fast paced and amazing from the start. It’s also set in Colorado which is a beautiful setting for a story as she describes multiple times.I absolutely love our heroine Kylie. She’s tough, smart, and has a great personality. She is there on scholarship and has her own quirks and charms. She doesn’t let a tough situation get in her way and keep her from what she wants. Mason is an amazing character in this book. He’s smart, determined, and beautiful. He’s charming of course but he has this way of keeping things light and not getting too serious. He had me laughing so hard throughout the book. I absolutely loved him! I was a little unsure of Parker, but him and Kylie have quite the relationship to start. He trusts her and tells her things that even Jude and Mason don’t know about. I loved watching Kylie help him come out of the heartbreak spell and become himself again. I think he had the most growth due to that. Jude is lovable and has Kylie’s back right from the start. He’s an amazing musician and loved seeing the secret side of him.The four of them had me dying of laughter throughout this book. Men coming together and forming with a female knowing that we are quite different was fun. I loved these four together. They grounded one another and helped one another effortlessly. They make one heck of a team. There are some twists and turns in there to keep the story going and from not getting dull.I definitely recommend this book 100%!!
Hotter than HOT!! And sinfully sweet! Kylie is in for the best beginning of her life when her college dorm assignment gets mixed up. Now she’s rooming with three hot men who couldn’t be more different but who fit with her like the perfect puzzle pieces. This story is so sweet, sexy, and funny!! Gotta read to get the steamy bedtime stories! Love this book!!
Loved this story! It was interesting to watch the changes and growth each of the four made. Parker seemed a bit exaggerated in the beginning, but his story was handled just right. Mason, too, finally got it. My only critique is that the book ended too soon; I wanted the story to continue beyond graduation .
Room Mated by Stephanie BrotherA very steamy read that has you turning the pages to see how these characters will handle the situation.


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