Rosen’s Bodyguard By Lisa Daniels

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Rosen’s Bodyguard (Bodyguards of Samhain Book 2) by Lisa Daniels


Book/Novel Author: Lisa Daniels

Book/Novel Title: Rosen’s Bodyguard



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The police assigned me protection. And it looks like I might need it. Working as a necromancer in the police force isn’t easy. People don’t like our type of magic so much. People prefer us dead. Unfortunate for them, what we do is useful. So I’ve been assigned protection. They’ve given me a panther shifter bodyguard. He’s very good at his job, it seems. And I like the way he calls me “Miss Grieves.” I like the way he pays attention to me. I have a boyfriend, though. For now. Author’s Note: This is a stand alone steamy romance with an HEA intended for 18+





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