Ruining Dahlia By C.R. Jane

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Ruining Dahlia: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Wars Book 1) By C.R. Jane


Book/Novel Author: C.R. Jane

Book/Novel Title: Ruining Dahlia



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I was sold to my enemies. And not just my enemies. I was sold to monsters.I should know all about how to survive monsters though, I come from a family of them.We aren’t Butchers in name only, and surely the Rossi family can’t be as bad as the devil that’s been destroying me since I was eight years old.New York City, the powerful head of the Cosa Nostra, is my new home. Where Lucian, Raphael, and Gabriel Rossi now think they own me.The thing they don’t realize is that I’m more than what I seem.A dahlia has always bloomed best in the light, and even though everything about this place and these men is shrouded in darkness, I’m determined to thrive…to win.They play a game for keeps, a game where the only rule is that there are no rules.They want to ruin me. But what disturbs me most is that I just might like it.It’s me against them, and only time will tell If I’ll be the winner or be destroyed in these cruel and merciless Mafia Wars.*Ruining Dahlia is a full-length reverse harem novel in the dark and twisted Mafia Wars world.*Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, triggers galore, and sensitive content.
So…where do I begin there were pros in cons to this book The pros being it was intriguing, dark, captivating, steamy scenes(the best in the series so far i my opinion) and a page turner. And the characters were great I loved the brothers Cons : some points in the book I felt it was just a bit repetitive like soem crazy would happen and and someone was hurt. Some times it just felt like drama was throne in but not plotted out well.
I really enjoyed the book, could have done with more in-depth personal story lines but the plot was great! I love the dynamics of the main characters. Can’t wait to read more by this author.
I think this is one of my favorite Mafia Wars storylines, the main characters are all broken and somehow piece themselves together.
Absolutely loved it ❤️ Dahlia Lucian Rafael and Gabriel. I hope you will do a story about their sister and the outfit. That would be great. Thank you for your talent.
Ruining Dahlia by C.R. Jane is 1 of 6 total books in The Mafia Wars Series written by 6 different authors. Each book is a story from each of the 6 mafia families that made a pact to ensure peace. The Mafia Treaty: The Mexican Cartel, the Sicilians Cosa Nostra of New York, The Irish Mob of Boston, The Russian Bratva of Las Vegas, The Italian Outfit of Chicago and the British Butchers of London, Each family swears to marry off their daughter to another family’s next in line son, believing that integration will keep the families from destroying one another. Ruining Dahlia is the story between the British Butcher’s daughter, Dahlia and the Sicilian brothers of Cosa Nostra, Raphael, Gabriel and Lucian. Dahlia’s a privileged and sheltered daughter who grew up lonely and is plagued by the nightmares of her past. Her journey begins with dread and excitement the day she leaves London for New York. Dreaded with the unknown, having never met her future husband. Excitement in the hopes of having a new start on life, one that is not riddled by fear and pain. Lucian is the ultimate “un”. Unreadable, untouchable, unapproachable. He keeps himself distanced, rigid and aloof. He’s been watching Dahlia since the pact was made. 10 years of spying from a distance to learn all he can about his future bride. Determined to make her feel as unimportant and unwanted from the first day she stepped foot on U.S. land. Raphael, the half brother, who is a tortured soul who also loves to bring torture and pain to others. He’s the brute, the unfeeling, the unpredictable and wild one of the bunch. Gabriel, the youngest of the three, is the loveable, fun, and easy going brother who wears his heart on his sleeve. He falls in and out of love faster than a road runner, but when he loves he gives it his all. This reverse harem is full of intrigue and mystery. It shows you the different relationships between Dahlia and each of the brothers and how each love is different but with the same intensity as one. What made each character who they were and how each one contributed to what made them whole. I really loved this story and I felt like it really showcased each love story fully and individually…. yet came together as a whole in the end. It was masterfully done and had me rooting for each one equally. It’s filled with steamy scenes that will have you fanning yourself more than once.
There was only two things I really wish was different , and that would be the relationship with Raphael. Only that we really don’t see it progress like we do with Gabriel and Lucian. He pretty much is away from her and avoiding her most of the book but loves her??? Idk I just wish there was more build up to that and then more than a couple of pages of the aftermath from the incident. They built up the letters and issues all book long and then wrapped it up way too fast. It was a good read I’m loving the mafia wars but if I could those two things would be changed


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