Runaway By Katie Cross

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Runaway (Coffee Shop Series Book 3) By Katie Cross


Book/Novel Author: Katie Cross

Book/Novel Title: Runaway

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Stella Marie:I didn’t ask for my life to be uprooted, but won’t sit by while my creepy ex-boss destroys everything—himself included.Except . . . there’s only one person that can help me disappear for a while, and I’m pretty sure he groans every time he sees me calling.Being Mark Bailey’s accountant isn’t easy.When Mark helps me escape into his mountain world for a while, the very last thing I expect is to fall hard. Now ghosts from my past are following and I’m not sure there’s a happy-ever-after waiting at the end of this nightmare.Mark:My accountant is the most frustrating woman on the planet.She infuriates me every time we speak, but I will never, ever fire her because she is the only thing standing between me and utter bankruptcyNow I’m not so sure I know her after all. The woman that arrives on my doorstep in the middle of the night is surprisingly bright, beautiful, and frightened.Being the good guy in the past hasn’t gotten me anywhere, but this time, I have a good feeling about Stella Marie. Which is why I’m happy to step up when that psycho ex-boss of hers tracks her to my doorstep.No one is getting near Stella Marie while I’m here.RUNAWAY is the third book in the Coffee Shop Series. It can be read as a standalone, but maximum enjoyment comes from starting at the beginning. This is a sweet-but-spicy romance with no sex-scenes and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

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