Ruthless Rival By Crystal Kaswell

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Ruthless Rival (The Pierce Family Book 3) By Crystal Kaswell


Book/Novel Author: Crystal Kaswell

Book/Novel Title: Ruthless Rival



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Simon Pierce is the most powerful man in Manhattan. My rival since the ninth grade.And now, my enemy with benefits.Since the first day of high school, Simon and I have competed.Top grades?Simon wins.Better manners?Simon wins.Irresistible stare?Simon definitely wins.So when the bossy billionaire suggests an enemies with benefits arrangement–I dive in headfirst.No feelings. No strings. No falling in love.It’s perfect. In theory.Only the Simon who shares my bed isn’t cutthroat and arrogant.He’s passionate and tender.And pretty soon, I’m losing the one thing that matters:My heart.
And that’s what every book of hers is! Great, awesome, incredible, intense, beautiful, sexy, I could keep on going. Suffice to say that Ms. Kaswell has fashioned stories of love that I absolutely LOVE!
I loved this book, actually the whole Pierce family series. I was sobbing reading this book when Simon talks about his brother bash. Crystal makes you feel like the character are so real I can see them while I read!!! Just love this book !!!!!
This one was not for me. I’ve never read this author before. Maybe this isn’t her typical style of writing, but it doesn’t work. It’s so stutter stop, it’s hard to get into the story. Both POVs are written in this same style, in fact all the characters do. It makes for laborious reading, and let’s face it: if you are reading books in this genre, you’re not looking for a James Joyce experience. This was a tough read, but not in a good way. I’m sorry.
I enjoyed reading Simon and Vanessa’s story as they get together after having a long history. Their families know one another, soi they’ve known each other since they were children. I found the heavy sex scenes a bit much, but like the story line so I simply moved past those scenes when I felt it wasn’t contributing to the overall story. It’s a good story.
I liked this book but often lost the story during the text dialogue and the personal thinking out loud. The storyline was different and exciting. The family dynamic beautiful, caring and funny. Addressing current and sensitive subject issues was informative, well developed and supportive to these issues. The characters were welled developed, strong and compassionate. The lovemaking is beautiful, intense and sizzling hot. Overall a good read.
Wonderful characters who were engaging and interesting, a very entertaining storyline filled with drama and romance and a captivating read that was very enjoyable to read – another winner. Great story.I requested a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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4.9/5309 ratings