Santa By Cee Bowerman

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Santa: Time Served MC, Book 7 (Tenillo Guardians TSMC) By Cee Bowerman


Book/Novel Author: Cee Bowerman

Book/Novel Title: Santa



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Santa and Frankie couldn’t be more different. She comes from a notorious New York family and was raised with money to burn. He’s from Texas, has family members who are notorious for completely different reasons, and grew up with parents who thought it was okay to make him ‘earn’ his meals.Opposites attract, and when they finally get together, their flame burns bright. With a few roadblocks in their path, Santa and Frankie will have to work together and get through their differences to find their way. They’ll conquer a crazy ex-girlfriend, find answers to some of the things going on in Tenillo, and learn to adjust as they find a love they never imagined.Enjoy another adventure with the crazy coven of women we’ve all come to love and the men who love them in the seventh book of the Time Served series, written side by side with Ciara St. James’s Ares Infidels.
The crazy coven saves the day. This is a great book. I had hoped Frankie would find someone, and Santa is perfect. The great group that the TSMC and their ladies are just makes it better. Great writing and a great story.
You’ve never met a more odd couple, but Santa and Frankie just work perfectly. This was a great story and you’ll see some crazy going on, but you’ll also see some hilarious with Santa tasting Frankie’s gourmet food. Happy reading.
Cee cee did it again every book written in this series and every other one so far has made me laugh love and cry she hasn’t written a book yet that isn’t a 5 star for me she has this way of drawing you in and making you feel as if you know these ppl and are part of it wasn’t sure these 2 would work but again I was blown away at Cee Cee’s story for them and how they belonged together perfectly I laughed so hard during this one and she puts those ever true facts in every book this one was how men just come out their feet up and put their drink on a table leaving a mess so very true in my house mail on the head and that is one example please never stop writing CeeCee and if anyone here hasn’t ready Texas kind Texas knights Connor brothers Rojo or tempest series of books please do you will be enthralled as I was
5 stars, it is rare for me to bust out laughing, but this book had the right mix of bust out loud laughter, and needing a fan to cool off.Never disappointed with Cee Bowerman stories.
Her books are always an awesome read. It will make you laugh out loud and keep you interested as you read each page.
I gave each of these books a five star rating but didn’t review each one, I read this whole series and fell in love with each of the characters. I laughed at the stuff the coven got into and the men who lived them. All of them are older and have past that they have embraced to live happy lives.


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4.9/5309 ratings