Savage Dragon By Charlene Hartnady

Savage Dragon (Earth Dragons #2) by Charlene Hartnady

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Book/Novel Author: Charlene Hartnady

Book/Novel Title: Savage Dragon

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A dragon shifter series set in the same world as The Bride Hunt books Sad and depressed about where her life is taking her, Demi decides to go for a long run in the forest. Stretching her legs helps clear her mind. It helps unravel the stress building inside her. One terrible moment in time has changed everything. She can’t come to terms with what’s expected of her. Her whole life is suddenly leading to one moment. One destiny that was never meant to be hers. One she doesn’t want. One she can’t escape. Lost in her own thoughts, she realizes too late that a vicious beast has been hunting her. A shifter of a different kind. This one is massive, and scaly, with wings as wide as the bridge over Vale Creek. His mouth is filled with long, sharp teeth. He has murder in his eyes, which are focused on her. Demi has always been led to believe that dragons are majestic creatures. Strong yet compassionate. Not this one! This dragon is savage. A beast so feral he’s having trouble shifting back into his human form. Even though there is little chance of survival, Demi is going to fight him with everything she has. A wolf shifter is, after all, no match against a powerful beast such as this. Little does she know, he has no intention of killing her. In fact, the opposite is true. If she knew what he was thinking, she’d run faster, fight harder. Contains hot alpha males and therefore strong sexual themes/language. Ends on a mini-cliffhanger!

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