Savage Hearts By J.T. Geissinger

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Savage Hearts (Queens & Monsters Book 3) By J.T. Geissinger


Book/Novel Author: J.T. Geissinger

Book/Novel Title: Savage Hearts



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Savage (adjective):1) Not domesticated; wild and untamed2) A brutal or vicious person3) Malek AntonovHe’s a myth. A ghost. A legend.A Bratva assassin so feared, some won’t even dare to speak his name.He comes in search of vengeance for the death of his brother, but what he finds instead is me.A girl he thinks is someone else.Someone unrelated to the man who killed his brother.Except I am.And when he finds out my true identity, he decides to take me as repayment for what he lost.Now, I’m a little bird trapped in a cage, and the only way to survive is to make friends with the monster who captured me.But friendship isn’t what the monster has in mind.
Prior to this series I can’t say I was any kind of diehard fan of hers, I read a book or two but wasn’t someone who actively sought out her work. However this series has become one of my most beloved and each installment ends up at the top of my most anticipated lists. Malek & Riley’s story was no different…..I laughed, I fanned myself, I struggled with anxiety over what would happen next and wanted to throw my iPad in frustration a time or ten. All those emotions because I have become so freaking invested in these characters! The “monsters” are the best antiheroes, delicious and dirty and alpha and everything I LOVE. The “queens” are special, all with their own brand of fire and also relatable in so many ways. It just keeps getting better and better (although I’m not sure anyone will top Sloane for me). Malek & Riley’s story is interconnected within this “universe”, so it’s best to read the others to get the best experience. I’m telling you this is the kind of book you aren’t going to want to put down, so make sure you carve out plenty of time bc you aren’t going to get anything else done once you crack this one open!
4.5/5 stars POV: Riley and Mal Steam: Great chemistry, steamy open door scenes Tropes: Enemies to lovers, mafia romance I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers romance! Riley and Mal were so good together. I immediately loved Riley with her introverted, word loving nerdy self. She felt so fresh and different than the previous female characters and I loved it! Riley also had a bit of the gift of gab like her sister Sloan and it was so much fun to see her talk herself in and out of situations. Mal was the strong, silent type that developed a soft spot only for Riley and you loved him for it. Mal and Riley’s chemistry was really good from the start and even more when it became steamy! However, this was not an instalove story at all. I laughed while reading their first impressions of each other and enjoyed how these two should be enemies became lovers. Overall, this was another great steamy addition to this mafia series which added some more interesting twists to the main story. I can’t wait to see what happens to all my favorite characters in the next book! *Thank you so much to author and publisher for allowing me the opportunity to read this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I love JT Geissinger and I usually love her books and I DIDNT hate this so don’t get me wrong but this just wasn’t a favorite. Still a good read though. What I didn’t care about was Riley. This might not bother everyone but for me there were two things that were annoying asf. 1 being the way her character was described to look like.. I imagined someone ugly. She had been described with a bump on her nose, wouldn’t fix her hair, wore cargo pants with velcro all over and pockets, combat boots, lived in sweatshirts and pants, glasses (which are fine) but with every other detail mixed in I just didn’t imagine someone attractive. I imagined a mess. When Mal 1st sees her he even thinks she’s homeless. 2. I really couldn’t stand Riley at times. At times this book was very corny and I’d cringe or want to smack Riley. She would say these weird comments that were supposed to be funny but weren’t at all or she’d try to be a smart ass but came off corny instead. It was worst in the very beginning to the middle then died down a bit after Malik comes into the picture. Still weird comments no one makes.
So many points during this I literally snorted and/or laughed out loud. The dialogue between characters is amazing. The growth of the characters from beginning to end is fantastic too, and feels so natural. Just, ugh, absolutely loved this read.
[Own Kindle book] “My mouthy little captive. My entire life has been turned upside down by a tiny demon waif. That sweet, innocent exterior hides a 600-pound gorilla with an iron will. A tiny firebreathing dragon, who can cut a man down to size with only a few words from her beautiful mouth.”~~ Mal This author owns me, and she’s done it again. The Russian mob assassin and his feisty waif strike all the perfect notes of laughs and romance in the Queens & Monsters series of gangsta love. I laughed so hard that I nearly choked. This one’s about another monster assassin and a mouthy, one-of-a-kind femme that’s tailor-made to become his queen. Hysterically funny, snappy banter, sustained humor, and a rocket fuel kind of chemistry had me in stitches. The romance turned me into a nervous puddle of mush, and there was all that gritty mob business, too. Russian assassin Malek aka Mal the “Ghost” and tiny spitfire Riley (Sloane’s lil sis from Carnal Urges) are quite the odd couple. Serendipity brings them together in enemies-to-lovers captivity with steamy sexual tension and loads of mob heat. Riley blossoms beyond her geeky, introverted appearance and not even a bunch of scary mobsters can make her cower. There’s a tiny little gangster hiding inside those baggy clothes that takes no prisoners. A comedy of errors and mistaken identity compel Mal’a kidnapping. I was howling with laughter at how it goes down, and Mal has no idea what a clusterphluck her kidnapping will be. She’s the most interesting heroine in the series. Light, airy and outgoing to Mal’s dark and broody silent type. Riley’s so fierce, and I give that girl mad respect. The tiny chick just never gives up, and I think I wanna be her. But, all is not laughs because something so serious happens that left me in shock as Mal whisked her away like some black knight in shining armor. The love story is a great mix of laughs, verbal sparring, mob machinations, and a forced captivity shocker that puts romance to the test. I loved the book all the way up through captivity, but the rushed ending was less satisfying. The heavy laughs were all upfront, but I really wanted them together sooner.. The captivity was great, but turned predictable at the end and was less about the couple than setting up the Declan’ man Spider for the next book. The MCs arent’ together for almost half the book, but when they are, it was electric I wanted more of them. Their verbal combat was kray-kray entertaining. She was the challenge that stood up to Mal, but when he finally let loose his sexual beast, the rough brand of lovemaking wasn’t as sexy as the build-up. Not my thing, and off-timing for spoiler reasons. Calling himself “Daddy” was a big no for me. Some things didn’t ring true for Spiker and Riley; and Sloane made me hate her in this book. Those things didn’t overpower the love story, but I deducted 1 star for it. Overall it wasn’t my fave book of the series, despite the banter, laughs, and passion. I still love this author and her books. I’m sure she’ll turn me around on Spider.
It’s official! I’m obsessed with this series! This story features Riley, Sloane’s sister that Sloane hadn’t spoken to in years. Riley’s kidnapped by one of the world’s most feared assassin that also is on a mission to kill her future brother-in-law. Being the younger sister myself, I easily identified with Riley. I loved watching her grow and finding her strength. This story is like a roller coaster. It was full of twists and turns. Then once you think everything is okay – the rug gets swept out from under you. I love this author’s writing. Sarcasm is my love language and this series is filled with it. Not only that, there’s this blend of witty sarcasm, angst, chemistry, turmoil, suspense that are blended so well. Then there are these teasers for the next study that are jaw dropping. The author leads you to believe everything is harmonious until that last chapter. If you’re in a reading funk like I was or just needing a book recommendation, this series is it! I suggest reading in order because they are deliciously addictive but I think they could also be read independently and still be enjoyed.


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