Savage Knights By Jillian Frost

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Savage Knights (Princes of Devil’s Creek Book 3) By Jillian Frost


Book/Novel Author: Jillian Frost

Book/Novel Title: Savage Knights



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The ghosts of our past have come back to haunt us.Kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder, I’m promised to marry another man, a ruthless Mafia boss who has an ax to grind with the Salvatore brothers.And he wants to use me to get his revenge.The men we thought were hunting me are the least of our problems. As it turns out, the real monsters were right under our noses all along.I have faith my savage knights will find me.I know they will burn down the world for their queen.But our enemies will stop at nothing to destroy our happily ever after.
Jillian Frost has crushed it with this series! The men are all outstanding in their own right. Alex makes for an amazing Queen. The plot always keeps my attention. I cannot wait to see this series grow with the other Knights! Keep them coming!
Great series so far!! This book has lots of steam but also a good storyline. I love how the characters have been developed and how you get the point of view from them all.
This book did something to me! I love reverse harems but the story line of this series was amazing! Good plots, good climaxes (in more than one way), and a good ending. With all of the books I’ve read I have to say this is one of my favorites
This last book felt rushed and skipped a lot of important parts in the book with unnecessary filler. It had potential, but fell way short.
Again the character and plot development were amazing. I was really worried when I saw that the next book doesn’t come until September but luckily this one ends pretty nicely. Loved this series so much!
This series is the first book I’ve read from this author, and I think it will be my last. I give it two stars. Here’s why. It seems like there was too much going on, like one big jumbled mess, to make it easier to write spin-offs. Yes, it’s fictional, but it started getting annoying with how outlandish it got. Ok, so they’re billionaire geniuses, with money at their disposal, have all this military training like navy seals, art connoisseurs, have the best technology, and rule the world, BUT they can’t keep their queen; safe? ADT would’ve done a better job guarding her.Everybody and their mama want to kill her, kidnap her, or sell her, but they keep throwing parties at their mansion because it’s safe there? Then Luca is so brilliant that he’s always thinking ahead of everyone, so why do they keep getting their butts handed to them? There was no substance or connection between the characters other than sex. They bullied her as kids, but it seems like it was glossed over with no depth and went straight to her living in their mansion. Then they run a global company, in the mafia, own airlines, and have a crew (it’s a gang) of artists for forging. Do you see what I mean? It’s too much, and I’m just summarizing. It seemed like the characters were off too. They dress in fancy suits and act uppity, but they listen to Eminem. They act more like thugs. Then Luca is portrayed as possessive and jealous but parades her around everyone naked. Honestly, I just wanted her to be with Luca or for him to be the first dad. The first and second book was about her love for Marcello, but he just faded out of the picture. I know they say that Damian and Bastian aren’t bi or gay, but they have sex, so in my book, they are. I mean, who cares but say it like it is. It’s confusing. My BFF is like my sister, and I love her, but I don’t see her like that. I didn’t even want to finish the book, but I wanted to see who the father was. The two stars are only because the author knows how to bring the heat to the bedroom. Yes, I’m depraved. Lol.


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