Save Spirit By H.A. Wills

Save Spirit (The Bound Spirit #3) by H.A. Wills

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Book/Novel Author: H.A. Wills

Book/Novel Title: Save Spirit

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Supernaturals are real, and seventeen-year-old Callie is the strongest of them all. As a Spirit Witch, she is a member of an ancient sect of witches that were wiped out millennia ago. She not only has control over the four elements, but also life and death itself, and she’s been tasked with maintaining balance within the mortal realm. No pressure. At least her magic is finally unbound, so life should get easier and have a lot less exploding trees. Except, nothing is ever easy for Callie. Her magic wasn’t the only thing unbound. It’s getting harder to stay “just friends” with the guys—especially since they all seem interested in tasting her chapstick. Not to mention Felix, her incorporeal best friend, decided to reject his door to the afterlife. This means he either blinks out of existence or Callie figures out how to use her powers to break the one natural law all supernaturals can agree on: The dead need to stay dead. In this paranormal reverse harem, join Callie on her journey as she discovers who she is, where she fits, what matters most, and which rules are meant to be broken in this world of things that go bump in the night. Warning: This book contains graphic violence, adult language, mild sexual content including M/M, and deals in sensitive issues such as abuse, death, and PTSD. Reader discretion is advised. Save Spirit is a full-length novel and is written with the intent that the reader is familiar with events that occurred in the previous books of the series. The Bound Spirit Series is a 10 book series that will cross from young adult to new adult content.

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