Saving Supervillains By Bruce Sentar

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Saving Supervillains By Bruce Sentar


Book/Novel Author: Bruce Sentar

Book/Novel Title: Saving Supervillains



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A former villain is living a quiet life, hidden among the masses. Miles has one big secret: he might just be the most powerful super in existence.Those days are behind him. But when a wounded young lady unable to control her superpower needs his help, she shatters his boring life, pulling him into the one place he least expected to be—the Bureau of Superheroes.Now Miles has an opportunity to change the place he has always criticized as women flock to him, creating both opportunity and disaster.He is about to do the strangest thing a Deputy Director of the Bureau has ever done: start saving Supervillains.
Holy crap. This was so well written. I am sad there us only 1 book out so fat. I read some of the authors other litrpg and it’s clear they have improved a lot as an author.
This is harem genre / power fantasy. Mc has a flaw and a reason to limit his oc nature and the eye candy has a bit more personality then average.
Surprisingly entertaining, and interesting world setting.So, main character Miles is supposed to be a former villain. But, that was mostly due through circumstances. MC is more like an anti-hero, with baggage. Also, through certain circumstances, Miles begins working for the organization that he loathes, the Bureau of Superheroes.The best part of the story is the world setting. Due to certain factors, women outnumber men eight (or nine) to one. Also, the women have a higher chance of being born with powers. Some gender roles are reverse in this situation.The harem route in this story makes sort of sense. Due to lack of men, some women resort to crimes due to sexual frustration. So, harems are being pushed to reduce crime, which includes rape. A few of the female characters seem to be interesting. Hopefully the female characters are developed more and are not forgotten once more harem members appear.There was a part where mc’s actions did not make sense: A kid warns mc about danger, but mc is able to overcome them. He does not insure the kid makes it home safely. However, when he finds girls in danger, he does not hesitate to make sure they make it safe.Overall, I am enjoying the world and ready for the next book.
I absolutely loved this book, from the slight heart aches and the amazing fight seems to the believable and lovable characters. I really hope it continues. As this is the first book I’ve read of this author it’s time for me to binge everything else they have. If it’s all this good then imma be quite busy.
I enjoyed every moment of reading this excellent book. The characters are fun and the love making is both wild and sweet. I highly suggest you read it too!
I liked all the characters, miles interaction with the women showed his growth through the story. I hope there’s a part two it would be interesting to see what happens with Venus, Kim, and his former mentor. As well as his new girls melody and obsidian.


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