Saxon Max By JG Jerome

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Saxon Max By JG Jerome


Book/Novel Author: JG Jerome

Book/Novel Title: Saxon Max



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Maxwell Morgan has always been a very practical guy. He started working at age fifteen because his foster family was stretched thin. He joined the army right out of high school to earn money for college. Even after getting his first job after college, he kept working the three jobs that let him get there–National Guard infantryman, farmer, and blacksmith.About nine months into his new job as an HR Generalist, Max’s boss arranged a one-week team-building event for the team. Max and his five attractive, female co-workers boarded the plane for Sheridan, Wyoming, and then things went sideways.Suddenly, they were going…somewhere else. What’s a practical guy to do?WARNING from the author: This story contains some EXPLICIT sex scenes. It includes descriptions of genitalia, sexual activities, nonconventional relationships, killing, martial arts, and probably many other things that might possibly offend someone in our judgmental society. If you are offended by any of those things, or easily offended at all, I recommend you move along without cracking the pages of this story. You and I will both be happier for it.

Nice MC. Not OP.Decent harem story.Like the dialogue and meaningful discussions.I hope it continues. The halting and broken Germanic is a nice bit.
I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the next part of Max’s story with his growing family. This is my introduction to this author and I will be checking out any other series he has written. I will need something to distract me until book two comes out.
I had to finish this book in one sitting. The characters are unique and are more realistic than many fictional characters, and the love that binds them all together feels organic and authentic. I have read many books with a similar premise (present day humans relocated to the primitive past), and this one is on par with the best of them. Thank you for creating this world for us to enjoy, Mr. Jerome.
Great new series. A really fun read with plenty of action and great characters. Love the germanic setting. Can’t wait to see where this story goes.
All readers look at stories differently, and, while the start did not suddenly jump into the storyline (as we usually expect), what this one did do was lay down a superb backstory that put those about to be impacted all in perspective. Consequently, our hero didn’t suddenly have to learn everything in a new environment, but instead it showed how he and the others could prosper in a new (or old – you’ll have to read it to figure that one out) environment. The characters are good; the story is exciting and sensual (as are the characters). I really look forward to the next in the series.


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4.9/5309 ratings