Say It Like You Mane It By Erin Nicholas

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Say It Like You Mane It (Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild): a runaway bride, hot cop, stuck together small town rom com By Erin Nicholas


Book/Novel Author: Erin Nicholas

Book/Novel Title: Say It Like You Mane It



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What happens when a hellraiser turned hot cop is stuck with a headstrong heiress he’s determined to protect…and resist?A run-away bride, wearing a freakin’ tiara, and carrying a stolen lion cub, of all things. This was not how rowdy, bad-boy-turned-small-town-cop, Zander Landry expected his day to go.He really didn’t expect his night to end with her sleeping in his bed after her near-kidnapping.But his intense attraction to her and the feelings of protectiveness she stirs up? Oh, yeah, he knew those were coming.She’s stunning, whip-smart, and trouble with a capital T.Which means, he needs her to head right back the way she came. ASAP.His town is exactly the way he wants it . . . crazy and trouble free.Well, the crazy trouble he’s not related to anyway.Stranded in a tiny town in her half-million-dollar wedding gown with no money and no place to go . . . today is going pretty much exactly the way Caroline Holland expected it to.But the grumpy, tattooed, oh-my-god hot cop being the answer to all her problems isn’t at all what she expected.Now that she’s turned all the criminal (and obnoxious) info about her exotic-animal-dealing ex-fiance over to Zander, she can kick back in a hammock with some sweet tea and relax.Or not.Turns out Caroline’s not the spoiled heiress Zander thinks she is. The gorgeous hellion wants in on the action and soon discovers just how dirty things can get in the bayou. And the bedroom.More and more, Zander just wants her safe on the sidelines. But Caroline isn’t going anywhere until justice is done.It’s a clash of wills that’s gonna get hotter than a crawfish boil in July. And the most fun the Landry family has had watching sparks fly since . . . well, the last book.
Zander and Caroline both want to make a difference in the world but it takes Zander a while to realize he can love and protect.
What a great story!!! I love the feeling of home in your books!!! Zander is a great guy that wants to protect everyone but finds that he wants someone that wants to protect others too!! The struggle that he has makes this story so much more!!! Great book!!!
Absolutely Fantastic. I just love this series. It definitely has alot of exciting twists and they will definitely keep you reading until the very end.
Zander and Caroline’s story was so good. Zander the protector actual met his match in Caroline. He had a passion for protecting those he loved and cared about, and she had a passion for protecting animals from harm. I had to chuckle at Zander trying his hardest to not be affected by her. Haha funny. Another Landry falls. I am curious about what is going on in those cabins and why the stock piling of weapons and supplies. That can’t be good. I have to admit I actually thought they were going to walk away from each other. So next up is Fiona and Grumpy Knox. Will we ever find out his first name.Oh and can’t wait for the first book of the Badges of the Bayou Spencer and Max
Loved this book! The runaway bride and the cop has lots more than meets the eye. They both find out a lot about themselves. I will have to get the rest of the series
I have been provided with a review copy of Say It Like You Mane It from the author for an impartial review. This is the sixth book in the Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild series and I just loved getting to reenter this amazing world. I just absolutely fell in love with these great characters and I loved getting to go along for the ride. I just couldn’t get enough of this story and I was sad to see it end. I will most definitely be reading the next book in the series.


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