Say My Name By Craig Martelle

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Say My Name: A Space Opera Adventure Legal Thriller (Judge, Jury, Executioner Book 15) By Craig Martelle


Book/Novel Author: Craig Martelle

Book/Novel Title: Say My Name



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The arrogance of success. The criminality of using it to crush people under one’s thumb.A license to destroy. More than a single life, entire cultures replaced.For a few credits more.Find the crime!Rivka can’t touch him or can she? Will he allow it? In this part of space, he calls the shots.The Federation is on the outside looking in.From the frontier, a single business starts to take over. Not a crime family, like Nefas, but a single individual forcing people to sell their souls. Unlimited power.Like Satan has returned and demanded payment.You’ll know his name, soon enough. “Say my name!”Is what he’s doing illegal? Rivka is going to find out. Can she stop him if it’s not against the law?Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.Get it today.Judge, Jury, & Executioner is within the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, but you don’t need to read those to enjoy these. Start with You Have Been Judged and enjoy the stories of Rivka and her team. Just lock in your seatbelt, grab your favorite drink, and be ready for your socks to be blown off.
I am a big fan of Rivkas and all her gang. Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle always give me a good story.
Really enjoyed this latest in the JJE series. Rivka is always fun but I’m really enjoying the development of the SIs. Also gonna be real interesting to see how Dery develops and what role he plays in the adventures.
This series is basically an old fashioned detective story, only set in a populated universe. The plots are quite good, and the stories move with a fast pace.Anyone who likes a good cop story will like this series.
It’s different in the way that accurately portrayed the gray areas of corporate world, where oppression is skirting the legalities, barely.
I really enjoyed this series initially. But the last few books have been losing steam, in my opinion. I mean, the case in this book was about contract jlaw. One of the most dull and uninteresting forms of law. Additionally, with little action and unsatisfying conclusion, I was very disappointed in this book. I’m from the setup to the next novel it sounds like it’s going to be more of the same. I do believe I am done with this series.
Rivka and her team are on the case. They are just not sure a crime has been committed. Following faint trails to find the crime becomes the order of the day.


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4.9/5309 ratings