Say You Swear By Meagan Brandy

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Say You Swear By Meagan Brandy


Book/Novel Author: Meagan Brandy

Book/Novel Title: Say You Swear



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If she isn’t mine in the end, I’ll still be hers.It’s torture, but it’s true…From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Meagan Brandy comes a new, angsty standalone romance about love, loss, and the path to forgiveness.For years, I’ve dreamt of what college life could bring and while some things changed, there was always one constant.It didn’t matter how wild I allowed my imagination to run, it always led me to the same place in the end.It led me to him.My future was clear, and he was it.Until suddenly … he wasn’t.Now I’m a shell of who I was, on a path too blurry to follow, and I see no way out.No way up.They say first loves last forever.That’s exactly what I’m afraid of…___This is a 152k word standalone romance full of angst that is sure to pack a punch!
When you are shocked in the best ways completely out of left field. This book was exactly that! I know a book is amazing and will stay with me for a long time when the characters feel real, feel like people that you would want to be friends with. This book was exactly that. One thing I didn’t know going in, I should have read fumbled Hearts and defenseless hearts first. While this is stand alone, some characters are not developed here because they have their own books.
I loved this book so much! Noah and Ari’s story was epic! I’d you are looking for a great read that will make you laugh, cry (okay I did tear up and I NEVER cry on books) and want to throw the book/shake the author GRAB THIS BOOK! Five stars from me for sure!
“Fear not the fall, but the life that comes from having never leaped at all.” Forget about book-boyfriend, Noah Riley is my Book-Hubby, hands down! I just finished this book, and I can’t stop thinking of Noah and his ‘Juliet’! Say You Swear is a modern-retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with a twist! “Love made me selfish. Loss made me see.” Arianna Johnson has one crazy summer with her twin, Mason, and their family friends, including the first boy she has loved—deemed a forbidden crush—before college starts. And when Ari falls apart, at the beginning of a new chapter, there is one man in her life, who helps put her back together. To find love once is a gift, but twice, that’s a miracle. “I’ve known that girl was worth the world since the moment I met her.” This book gives ALL THE FEELS and more! SYS is an emotional and angsty story about first loves, self-discovery, and hope. Overall, this rating is for character growth, relatable characters, and unique storyline. Hoping the supporting characters get their own story, such as Cameron and Trey, or Mason. Also, any glimpse of these two would be amazing. Truly a favorite read for this year!!
Such an excruciatingly poignant story. Believe me I shed tears shamelessly. It’s so heartbreaking but at the end so overwhelmingly heartwarming. I love the love between Noah and Arianna.
This is a book that stays with your for a hot minute. I was laughing, cussing and crying and loving it all! Favorite read 2022!
Ohh the feelings from this book! I loved it! Yes it did make me bawl like a baby during a few chapters, but it was so worth it. Such a beautiful story!


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