Scarlet Carnation By Laila Ibrahim

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Scarlet Carnation: A Novel By Laila Ibrahim


Book/Novel Author: Laila Ibrahim

Book/Novel Title: Scarlet Carnation



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In an early twentieth-century America roiling with racial injustice, class divides, and WWI, two women fight for their dreams in a galvanizing novel by the bestselling author of Golden Poppies.1915. May and Naomi are extended family, their grandmothers’ lives inseparably entwined on a Virginia plantation in the volatile time leading up to the Civil War. For both women, the twentieth century promises social transformation and equal opportunity.May, a young white woman, is on the brink of achieving the independent life she’s dreamed of since childhood. Naomi, a nurse, mother, and leader of the NAACP, has fulfilled her own dearest desire: buying a home for her family. But they both are about to learn that dreams can be destroyed in an instant. May’s future is upended, and she is forced to rely once again on her mother. Meanwhile, the white-majority neighborhood into which Naomi has moved is organizing against her while her sons are away fighting for their country.In the tumult of a changing nation, these two women—whose grandmothers survived the Civil War—support each other’s quest for liberation and dignity. Both find the strength to confront injustice and the faith to thrive on their chosen paths.
This is the fourth book I have read by Laila Ibrahim, and the fourth book that leaves me sad I finished it. The story of these two families has spanned over four books and I could easily read 40 more. The complex intertwined relationships and feelings these books elicit has me really soul searching for where we are as a nation. I would highly recommend these to anyone.
I did enjoy reading this WWI hxfx. Altho a bit too much religion infused and a dash of melodrama. I’m always surprised to learn about racial discrimination in communities I thot I knew. And did not expect this to be another they lived happily ever after ending but there you have it.
I liked how the characters were developed and the style as well as the pace of the story. I would recommend it to others.
Set at the turn of the 20th century in San Francisco this book dares to confront the realities of racism, feminism and health care just to name a few topics. The characters are real and interesting, their stories just as real. An interesting read.
Gave up about 1/2 way through. It was down right depressing. Perhaps the ending has some good news, but so far all I can vision in the future is more depressing news.
Scarlet Carnation by Laila Ibrahim follows two families, one black, one white.The setting is California in the early 1900’s.This historical fiction was well written with complex characters.The story is timely as the Spanish Flu and TB are both topics in this book.The author did an incredible amount of research on the topic.The repression of women and African Americans was heartbreaking to readThe story was also full of love and hope.A well written story that I really enjoyed.


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